August 16, 2005
Randy Winn:
SF OF hits for cycle. Not to critique mystique, but isn't it trumped by any combo of hits and walks more than 10 total bases? (Where's SABR on this?)
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Hines-Sight is 20/20.

Steelers WR Hines Ward realized that his holdout wouldn't result in a payday. So he came back to the team.

Now it's up to the Steelers to stick to their end of the bargain:

No hold-out, no hold-up on a new deal, so they can hold on to an asset valuable enough he got a plea to return directly from coach Bill Cowher.

Fans are right to dismiss T.O. and his gripes. But it was nearly unanimous that the historically underpaid Ward deserves a huge payout.

Based on the way the Steelers scored TDs Monday night (INT, punt, kickoff), they might jokingly think for a second: "Hey, who needs receivers?"

But it just reemphasized how badly they need this rock of their offense to return.

If a team acts fast, it can undermine any claim from whiny players or greedy agents that NFL owners aren't willing to pay when earned.

Pay Hines Ward. Big. Now.

More NFL News
T.O. Watch: Eagles sent him a letter detailing their issues with him. He may scoff, but it's also known as a "paper trail."

Fins rookie RB Brown signs: You have to wonder if he saw Ricky Williams' improvement over the weekend and got a little nervous.

(Still, maybe it was worth it; Brown DID sign the richest non-QB rookie deal in NFL history.)

Fins QB Battle: Edge to Gus! Feeley has to really stink to fall out of favor enough that Saban named Frerotte starter for weekend.

Broncos promote Rice: Who would have ever thought that Jerry Rice's moving from 4th string WR to 3rd string would someday be noteworthy?

Rosenhaus lobbies for Volek: Titans must be *thrilled* that the agent wants his QB traded somewhere he can start. Hey, how about Chicago?

Penguins: Sign F LeClair; continue strong offseason mo
D.C. Nationals: Win 4th straight; could rally be brewing?
Lou Carnesecca: Amusing star witness in NIT-NCAA trial
Curt Schilling: Blows 9th inning lead, Sox lose to Tigers
Carlos Beltran: Mets star weighing surgery on broken face
Scott Podsednik: ChiSox put leadoff sparkplug on DL (leg)
Pacman to sign, finally. More from Tennessee: DB Jones ready to join team. But is he ready for the hazing from vets? (via Tennessean)

MLB Monday Wrap
Padres' new low: No team in MLB history has been in first place of a division this late in the season with a record this bad.

Felix Hernandez is sick: 11 Ks and 3 Hs in 8 IP as Mariners' rookie SP lives up to the hype. (OK, so it was vs. KC. See DQ'd.)

Wright wins in return: Even if he did have more HBP (3) than Ks (2), the key ratio is that it was still more than runs he allowed (2).

Raffy update: Insists he really wants to explain himself "soon." Just not yet. How about explaining why he can't explain? DNP Mon at OAK.

NBA Amnesty
Forget "Allan Houston Rule":
It's the "Mike Finley Rule."

The Mavs used the one-time NBA salary-amnesty loophole to dump their longtime SG, saving nearly $52 million over the next three seasons.

It proves that as free-spending as Mark Cuban seems to be, he's not THAT free-spending. (Surprise! The NBA is... a business.)

With this move expected for a month, the new intrigue is which contender will land the newly flush player on the cheap. (Hint: It's Heating up.)

For example, the Suns are about to get Brian Grant for $2 million a year (thanks to the Lakers' $30 million payoff last week).

(See Big 5 for more.)

PGA: Got Your Phil?
Sunday buzz about Mickelson:
Ha! What a choker!

Monday buzz about Mickelson:
Ha! What a clutch player!

Quickie 50/50: VT
Impressions of Vermont:

Could it be that the state's finest sports moment came this very year? Yes: Catamounts over 'Cuse in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament.

Vote Best of Vermont here!

K.C. Royals:
16th straight loss triggers automatic "Worst Ever?" flag. KC's magic number is 6 to top the '88 Orioles' superlative 21 Ls in a row.
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More on Winn: Don't mean to dis. The fact that Winn collected his cycle's triple last, knowing he needed it for cycle, is pretty impressive.

Mo Rivera's 32nd save of '05 last night nudged him past Jeff Reardon for 5th place on the all-time saves list. Mo still arguably the best RP ever.

Grossman update: The Bears might put him on IR, which would yank him for the entire 2005 season. (via CHI Trib)

NBA Free: Who says Duke players can't succeed in the NBA? Bulls match Raptors offer for PG Chris Duhon, in a deal valued around 3y/$9m.

Law/Order NFL: Ravens KR BJ Sams arrested for DUI. Can't he just go to training camp kangaroo court? Somehow, I don't think so.

Must-See: Little League WS semifinals (ESPN2, 7pm ET and 9:30 p.m.). We should all have little graphics that say "Favorite Snack Food," etc.

In honor of P. Diddy losing the "P." and just being "Diddy," I'm considering dropping the "Daily" and just being "Quickie." Make it stop.

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