August 29, 2005
LLWS Champ West Oahu:
Like a Mini-Maz or Kid Kirk, Michael Mamea hit the most spectacular home run in LLWS history, a shot in the extra 7th to win the title. Amazing!!
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Whose Monday is worse?

Roger Clemens continues to have arguably the most hard-luck season of any player in baseball history.

Having one of the best seasons of any MLB pitcher ever (particularly when you factor in age), his teammates seem as mesmerized as fans.

What else could explain the uncanny way they refuse to give him run support?

Sunday was the third time in 4 games (and 8th time in 2005) the Astros scored ZERO runs in a Clemens outing.

Bad Monday? Clemens' team is going to cost him no less than the NL Cy Young Award, which would have been the most impressive of his (or any) career.

As bad as things are for Rocket, things are worse for Clarett, who will be released by the Broncos by the Tuesday deadline.

Fans feel sympathy for Clemens; for Clarett, you can hear the cackling from haters reverberating across the country.

"Couldn't have happened to a bigger jerk!" And any momentum from being a 3rd-round pick? Or being part of the Broncos' vaunted stable of RBs? Gone and gone.

Bad Monday? Clarett's career is over before it even started (to be fair, due to injuries; to be unfair, due to skipping playing over the last two years).

So whose Monday is worse?
It's hard to feel too sorry for Clarett, and while Clemens is no likeable guy, he deserves better than blanks from his own team.

(Meanwhile, today more than others, it's important to remember that sports' problems are meaningless when put in perspective of people dealing with Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Alabama. Thoughts are out to them.)

MLB "Wild" Watch
AL: Yanks take the lead (see "Bandwagon"), and A's are yanked from coverage after taking 1st in AL West. Welcome, Angels!

NL: Astros, Phillies, Marlins, Mets, Nats all lose Sunday. Doesn't anyone want it? Because it's there for the taking.

Jason Giambi: 2 HR, career-best 7 RBI in NYY W. Who is he?
D-Train Willis: Snags 18th W; how about bronze for NL Cy?
Dodgers' '55 title 50th anniv party: Made in LA, not BK?!
Roy Halladay/Ben Sheets: Roy out for '05; DL'ed Ben next?
Dwight Gooden: In jail 'til Oct; can he pitch for Team Oz?
Wooden Award: Coach wants no role in eponymous honor
RB Benson Signs
Bears sign rookie holdout: Finally!

Expect the standard rookie holdout injury and/or sub-par performance from his late start.

More Bears rookies: 2004 Quickie preseason Heisman pick Kyle Orton named starting QB for Week 1, which says more about Chad Hutch than Orton.

(And begs this question: Would you rather win the Heisman in college or start at QB in the NFL? Well: Ask Jason White what he's doing next month.)

NFL Wknd Wrap
Eagles "un-franchise" Simon: Which team(s) will enter the sudden free-agent frenzy for a solid DT?

T.O. is ridiculous: That game-opening TD-catch was more than enough to silence critics. Fans not saying "Boo," but "Boo-irds."

Ricky outrushes rookies: Williams had more yards than hyped Auburn studs Cadillace Williams and Ronnie Brown combined.

Bettis out at least 2 weeks: Let's see if Big Ben can prove he's a sophomore stud without either of his two primary RBs.

MNF: Rams at Lions
Is Detriot QB Joey Harrington really new and improved? See for yourself.

MLB Wknd Misc.
"Curse of Bellhorn?" If the Red Sox don't win the World Series this year, will fans look back at the release of Mark Bellhorn (3 HR in 2004 playoffs) as the karma turning point?

King Felix Watch: Tagged for 2 HR by fellow rookie Brian Anderson on Friday night, but he's still the most must-see rookie in the AL.

Today's Must-See: Chris "Anti-Clemens" Carpenter goes for his 19th W. Bet STL scores more than ZERO runs. Maybe Houston should tune in.

U.S. Open
Blue courts! The most dramatic makeover of the tournament won't be Serena's latest outfit, but the new hue of the playing surface.

Williams vs. Williams! The most intriguing match of the Open could come as early as the Round of 16, when Serena would meet Venus.

Federer: Best ever? My appreciation for watching the Swiss star has been influenced by John McEnroe's analysis Roger is simply genius.

Arthur Ashe stamp: I'm no philatelist, but as someone who enjoys the intersection of sports and culture, I'm going to pick up a sheet of the new commemorative Ashe stamps released by the USPS.

CFB 2K5: Top 5!
The Quickie's 2005 college football preview will run all week long. Today:

Who is College FB's No. 1?

Given the overload of hype, how about "Anyone But USC?"

Join the Backlash Bandwagon!

Still, despite the loss of Norm Chow and the cautionary tale of Oklahoma in 2003, USC is nearly everyone's No. 1.

So the most common cubicle argument seems to be this:

Which team will be No. 2 and face the Trojans in the Rose Bowl for the national title?

Quickie Top 5 (to be No. 2):
1. Louisville
BCS league, light schedule
2. "Tex-lahoma"
Whoever wins UT-OU game
3. Purdue
Sick D; no OSU, Mich on sched
4. Florida
Urban renewal starts early
5. Virginia Tech
Remember last Vick they used?

Coming Tuesday: Heisman!

Rick Short:
Season-ending slump and Katrina ends "Short"-lived bid for Crash Davis-style minor-league immortality for 32-year-old AAA New Orleans Zephyrs SS.
Today on
Quickie: Live!
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Fantasy Football
5 More "No. 2" Contenders
Henne-Hart combo sick
If they win at Florida
Ohio St.
Must beat Texas AND Mich
Always a legit contender
Boise St.
But a brutal schedule

Quickie 50/50: Utah. Impressions: Stockton-to-Malone, BYU '84, Utes unbeaten 2005, Majerus' mirth.

More NFL: Nice to see the 49ers win; are we going to play the Moss-Culpepper "Can-You-Top-This?" game all season long?; and the Packers? Yikes.

Lance Update: U.S. Cycling backed him, but after last week's wild ride, it looks like the subject will return to "non-issue" status.

H.S. FB wrap: Stud Tim Tebow threw for nearly 400 yds and 2 TDs, but Alabama's Hoover was too tough for Florida's Nease, 50-29.

Michael Finley Watch: His free-agency decision could come as early as today. Down to PHX, MIA, SA, MIN. Popular choice is Heat, but I like Spurs.

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