September 14, 2005
Officer Shaq:
If I was a criminal and I was arrested by Shaq, I'm not sure whether I'd try to flee, cower in his huge presence or ask for an autograph.
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Two Words For You:

The weekly NFL injury report that comes out Wednesdays is like reading the tea leaves: You think you see something, but who knows?

What will we find out about the status of Donovan McNabb?

Likely, confirmation of the report that he suffered a chest bruise on the opening drive of MNF (via Len P). Did it affect him? His play spoke for itself, but Andy Reid said McNabb never said anything about it.

Presumably, if McNabb felt he was compromised physically, he would have begged out, right? (No? Maybe afraid of Birds fans questioning his toughness?)

Here's some hindsight: For the second game in a row, McNabb gritted through apparent serious injury, played sub-par and led the Eagles to a loss.

The injury report won't say whether McNabb will sit out Sunday's game vs. the 49ers. His status is up in the air, or more appropriately, under-thrown.

The Niners suddenly aren't the joke opponent Eagles fans probably thought a week ago, but for a team with nothing less than title aspirations, Philly should take the long view about McNabb.

If there's even a hint that he's unhealthy, they should play it safe and keep him out.

The alternative, as seen in Atlanta and Jacksonville, has been proven to be a loser.

Yankees Clock D-Rays
17 runs?! In their last four losses to the D-Rays, the Yankees scored a grand total of 16 runs. Apparently, they were saving it for one big game.

It's just the type of binge to make NYY fans think that the team has turned a corner vs. Tampa. Back in June, the Yankees hung 20 on the D-Rays, then proceeded to lose 4 of the next 5 against them.

AL wild card watch: The Yankees had better luck creeping closer to the Red Sox in the East (2.5 GB) than gaining on the Indians, who beat the A's 5-2 thanks to 7th- and 8th-inning HRs from Ben Broussard (all 5 RBI). Rubber match of the CLE-OAK series is today's must-see.

NL Wild Card
What if it turns out that the NL wild card was won when Astros P Wandy Rodriguez was called for touching hand to mouth before a pitch, sending Juan Pierre to 1B on an automatic fourth ball, followed by a LoDuca HR to push the Marlins past the Astros, 4-2?

WNBA Finals: Start tonight with coaches wearing live mics!
Johnny Damon: Shoulder MRI shows no structural damage
Little E: Brings back old crew chief after missing p'offs
Arthur Rhodes: To miss rest of season (family illness)
Justin Zwick: Spotty Ohio St QB benched for Troy Smith
Bellamy Road: Steinbrenner's horse out for year (foot)
Bonds Watch
2 AB, Single, 2 BB, 1 K: No home-run shots, but far more important, his presence correlated to another one-run Giants win over the Padres, whose lead in the West is the most tenuous 5 games ever.

With 18 games to play, the Padres are two games under .500. The novelty-lover in me wants to see the West won by a team with a sub-.500 record; the sensationalist wants the Giants to catch them.

(Wait: Can't fans have both?)

Today: Bonds will sit (day game following night game), so fans will have to see if there's any residual team enthusiasm with him merely on the bench.

NCAA vs. Katrina
I admit I'm torn about the NCAA's decision to reaffirm that any Katrina-related hoops or football transfers must sit out a year.

On the one hand, it's heartless, because it's not like these kids are getting the college experience (athletic or otherwise) they signed up for.

On the other, Myles Brand is appropriate to assume that excusing the players from the usual transfer rule would lead to "athletic looting" that could dismantle affected programs for a decade or more.

If nothing else, it highlights yet another side of the ambiguous short- and long-term futures of athletes affected by Katrina.

NHL Camping Starts
But is anyone watching? Oh, sure, there's some intrigue about Gretzky's return, but he's a coach.

This is when the league has to quickly establish its re-commitment to making hockey the most fan-friendly product in sports.

Let the fans watch. Access to players. Strategy tutorials. Introduce them to new players with a "Hi, I'm ..." campaign. And two words: Free. Stuff.

More Roberts Hearings
Biden expands sports analogy! Yesterday, I applauded how Supreme Court nominee John Roberts used a baseball analogy in his opening statement about judges as umpires.

In the day's hearings, Senator Joe Biden (D-Del) tweaked it: He noted that baseball umps call balls and strikes, but can't change the rule that the strike zone is chest to knees -- but that judges can.

Which baseball twist will the hearings take today? Someone's gotta bust out the sabermetrics! How about a pick for the AL wild card?

Larry Johnson:
Chiefs backup RB (and trendy FFL player) arrested for hitting his girlfriend, giving new meaning to the popular fantasy-draft phrase "handcuff pick."
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Chris Carpenter blows a 4-run lead to get a no-decision. Has Dontrelle Willis pulled even in the NL Cy Young chase?

More NFL QBs: Kyle Boller is out at least a week, so let's all give a warm welcome back to Kordell Stewart, who will back up Anthony Wright.

CFB Watch: Okla RB Adrian Peterson was suspended from practice Monday (academics). Might not start. Ooh: What does that mean, a few plays?

Dwight Gooden pleads "not guilty" to fleeing an officer and reckless driving. So where are the "Free Dr. K!" T-shirts? Anyone? No one? (Hear you.)

Where will the Hornets play? Leaning toward B.R. or Okla City (via NO T-P). But don't expect the national sympathy that the Saints are getting.

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