September 19, 2005
Saints on MNF:
Transitive property: Saints beat Panthers. Panthers beat Pats. Saints are Super Bowl XL favorites! See, this is what Saints-mania is doing to people!
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

After two NFL weeks (and through the lens of Quickie tabloid-style Instant History), many things have already become apparent:

The Pats are invincible! Not the same as losing in the playoffs, but any Pats loss is notable. And these Panthers aren't even that great.

Willie Parker: 1-Week Wonder! Another 100-plus yards, another big Steelers W. Again: Who needs Bus or Staley? (Not Bill Cowher: Slick Willie's starting next week.)

*McNabb shouldn't play (Doh!)
*Falcons as top NFC contender
*Chargers' Week 1 loss fluky

Daunte Culpepper stinks! (At least without Moss.) Wow, how badly did the Vikings screw up this franchise (and QB) by trading him? 5 INTs?!

The Colts D is improved! But, apparently, the offense is the new underachiever. Over-correction, regression to the mean or Jags D?

*Cadillac: Rookie of Year!
*Carson Palmer: Hawaii-bound!
*Cards: Uh, what bandwagon?

The Chiefs are legit! And, guess what? They're doing it with defense, holding off a late Raiders drive in a 23-17 W.

49ers, Fins were faking! Both returned to form. At least SF was explainable; Miami lost to a really sorry-looking Jets team.

*Bears not as bad as Lions
*Ravens' O will sink great D
*Favre: Worst. Season. Ever.

"We're all Saints fans." I coined that phrase two weeks ago, and it will culminate with tonight's nationally televised "home game" in New York. Only the heartless root against the Saints. Or fans in New York.
(7:30 on ABC, then ESPN at 9)

It's kind of ironic that more people will probably flip over to ESPN to watch the new "America's Team" than hang around ABC to watch your dad's "America's Team" versus the offensively hapless Skins. (9, ABC)

Romeo Crennel: Congrats on 1st NFL win, at Lambeau no less
Ryan Newman: Vaults from 10th to 3rd in NASCAR's playoffs
Oklahoma City: Temporary home of the N.O. Hornets?
Mike Tice: Hot Seat alert! Hey, Ziggy: Fire this guy soon!
Joey Harrington: 5 INTs? Let the Orlovsky Watch begin
Oklahoma: Out of Top 25 (finally) after trouncing at UCLA
CFB Wknd Wrap
Weekend's top developments:
*Irish bandwagon derailed!
*Gators gritty, but overrated
*L'ville: 63 pts? Rose-worthy
*In fact, Oklahoma does stink
*Vandy! (Yes! See below.)

Quickie Top 10 Ballot:
1 Texas | 2 USC | 3 L'ville
4 Va. Tech | 5 Florida
6 LSU | 7 Purdue | 8 Cal
9 Ohio St. | 10* Vandy!
(* -- Honorary spot)

(*That's right: Vanderbilt, which appears to be having one of Those Years, behind Heisman-ish QB Jay Cutler. Vandy is 3-0, with two cream puffs next. Now's the time to get on the bandwagon!)

Heisman Watch:
(1) Brian Brohm, QB, L'ville
(2) Leinart/Bush, QB/RB, USC
(3) Brady Quinn, QB, ND
(4) Reggie McNeal, QB, TX A&M
(5) Jay Cutler, QB, Vandy

MLB: AL Watch
The Yankees' not capitalizing on Boston's loss is only one dramatic dynamic; Boston now has the same record as WC-leading Cleveland.

The AL East runner-up better pray for a White Sox collapse. Because otherwise, that 2nd-place East team ain't making the playoffs, and it could very well be the defending champs, only 1.5 games ahead of NY.

ChiSox Collapse Watch: The Indians and ChiSox play a 3-game series in Chicago, with the Tribe trailing the White Sox by 3.5 games.

MLB: NL Watch
Marlins snap 4-game L streak and beat their WC-rival from Philly, but -- as expected -- the weekend battle of attrition left both in a tough position behind the Astros, who have won 5 straight.

The Phillies are 1.5 GB.
The Marlins are 2.5 GB.
(The Nats? Forget 'em.)

Meanwhile, Bonds: 705! With very little chance of catching the Padres, at least Giants fans can enjoy Bonds HRs into McCovey Cove.

NFC North:
Let's see: The woeful Bears and sorry Lions lead the division at 1-1; the 0-2 Packers just lost to the Browns (at Lambeau); and the 0-2 Vikings are a mess.
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Quickie: Live!
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NFL Power Rankings
Steelers (2-0)
Can't stop Willie.
Patriots (1-1)
Play PIT next week
Bengals (2-0)
C. Palmer: Pro Bowl!
Colts (2-0)
Doing it with D?!
Eagles (1-1)
Feasted on woeful 49ers

Rangers power: Set MLB record with 150 HRs at home; need 13 to break MLB record for HR by a team in a season; 7 players have hit at least 20.

Tons of credit to Jets WR Laveranues Coles, defying the NFL's hyper-macho culture to tell his story of being sexually abused as a kid.

Congrats to golf fan fave Jason Gore, who won his first PGA tournament (84 Lumber Classic). So, what size garish red blazer does he wear?

WNBA: Sheryl Swoopes named MVP for 3rd time; Monarchs take a 2-1 lead in Finals.

If you haven't yet, tonight's Saints game is as good a time as any to make a donation to Katrina relief.

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