November 10, 2005
Rafael Palmeiro:
Congressional report due today (he won't be charged with perjury.) Palmeiro issues an apology to the public. No word whether Drew Rosenhaus then ruined it for him.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Now HERE'S an MLB award race! Today's NL Cy Young announcement has fans divided into three camps.

So what does your preferred NL Cy contender say about you?

Roger Clemens: You appreciate that a 43-year-old even in contention for the Cy should be cut some slack for only 13 wins. (That sick 1.87 ERA doesn't hurt either.)

Chris Carpenter: Your value the jaw-dropping consistency of a guy in the top two in W, CG, K, SO, IP, K/BB, and Win Pct. Whew.

Dontrelle Willis: You recognize the real face of Baseball -- deserves it for his stamina, flair and MLB-leading 22 wins.

Quickie Pick: Clemens.
End the tyranny of wins as the dominant criteria for a Cy! There's no shame in giving a 13-win pitcher the award. (ex. Colon)

Besides, with any sort of run support, Clemens would have had 18-20 wins. Plus, he had a critical role in the Astros rallying for the playoffs. And I'm sorry: You HAVE to factor in what he's doing at his age.

(Oops: There's the bias -- he's a sentimental pick.)

Carp has him on almost every meaningful stat, and would make a worthy pick. But any Cards fan knows gaudy numbers can be overlooked. (ex. Pujols)

Clemens is the NL's Cy guy.

Coming Monday: AL MVP. Yikes.
Bar the doors for a brawl.

Priest Holmes Done
For '05 (and perhaps career?)

Whether or not Priest is on your fantasy football roster, fans everywhere should take a minute to appreciate the career of one of the greatest fantasy players in NFL history.

Just in case his career IS over, I think we should consider establishing an official Fantasy Hall of Fame, with Holmes as the first inductee.

(Insider: Eric Karabell on Fantasy Football implications of the injury.)

Eagles: Post-T.O.
The Eagles are moving on. The players are already talking about team unity without T.O.

West Virginia: In Big East driver's seat for BCS bowl slot
Hideki Matsui: Yankees under pressure to re-sign by Tuesday
Carolina Hurricanes: Win franchise-best 8th straight game
Kobe's 30+ ppg streak: Scores "only" 28 in L to Timberwolves
Minority hiring in college football: remains stagnant
Nats sale: Won't happen before owner meeting next week
Chemistry will be a great word to needlepoint when they're sitting on the couch in January.

Meanwhile, the NFLPA wants the Eagles to simply cut T.O. The punishment does seem to be overly harsh (and a bit out of spite).

Konerko Gets Deal?
Four years, $52 million is reportedly Chicago's preemptive offer to the would-be free-agent (via Daily Southtown).

The ALCS MVP wants five years, but that $13M/year price seems pretty generous. At least Chicago is making an attempt.

(Keep dreaming, Red Sox fans. Reportedly, he has no interest in coming to Boston. That makes the next item even more intriguing ...)

More MLB Hot Stove
Red Sox "willing to explore" Manny trade: Finally confirms what fans have known for weeks (if not longer). Thanks for the revelation, Larry.

Selig on steroids: Hang up on policy is first-strike penalty. Union in a no-win situation arguing against 50-game ban.

Selig on replay: No surprise, he comes out against it. His rationale is the time it would add to games. He can't do any better than that?

Ng Watch: Wait, the Dodgers still haven't hired her as GM? What are they waiting for?! She'll put the "GM" in "First Female GM."

Knicks Still Stink
Chalk up yet another loss for Larry Brown's "Right Way," this time to a Blazers team no more experienced than the Knicks and also featuring a new coach. Not the right way to start a six-game West Coast swing.

Cheerleaders Watch
Renee Thomas, the ex-TopCat cheerleader, denies having sex in the nightclub restroom.

Perhaps she doesn't understand that without the "sex in the bathroom" part, she's simply an off-duty cheerleader who allegedly got in a bar scrap. Without the sex part, prurient interest turns to disinterest. It's a tough spot: If she wants celebrity, she's gotta take the hot rumor to go with it.

If she doesn't, well, all she's got is a date with the local prosecutor to figure out why she gave the cops a fake ID and allegedly slapped someone.

Oklahoma City:
So much for that best-in-NBA home-court advantage. Hornets lose at home to the mediocre Magic after NO/Oklahoma City's scintillating opener.
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Quickie NL Cy Ballot
Roger Clemens
Seriously: At HIS age?!
Chris Carpenter
Can't deny the stats
Dontrelle Willis
Embodies MLB joy
Jake Peavy
Ah well, maybe next year
Pedro Martinez
Lived up to hype in NYC

Don't read too much into the Pacers' comeback win over the Heat. Shouldn't an East powerhouse like Indiana be beating Miami without Shaq?

MLB Awards Wrap: Manager. Cox first to win NL award in back-to-back seasons; Guillen was a no-brainer (but will he make good on retirement?)

NFL Halfway: John Clayton has must-read eye-opening predictions in his NFL midpoint analysis. Which 8-8 makes the playoffs? Who wins NFC East?

Cornell gives Syracuse a game, only loses 67-62. Perhaps these early-season cupcakes are finally giving the Orange a stomachache?

Florida wins opener behind 18 from Corey Brewer, one of Jay Bilas' (Insider) 14 breakout CBB players to watch this season.

Coming tomorrow: Complete NFL Week 10 preview (now T.O.-free!), plus a look at the h-u-g-e weekend in the SEC (Alabama/LSU and Auburn/UGA).

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