November 15, 2005
Roy Williams:
Apparently mistaking him for T.O., Donovan McNabb threw a perfect pick to the player who collared T.O. *last* year, and ran it in for the winning TD.
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Two Words For You:

So ... think Eagles fans are missing T.O. yet?

Perhaps Donovan McNabb was having flashbacks to an old route with his old receiver when he errantly threw that pass behind T.O.-replacement Reggie Brown right into the hands of Roy Williams, who waltzed in for the improbable score.

Brown ran the right route, Andy Reid said, implicating McNabb as the one responsible for the shocking loss. (If T.O. had said that, of course, it would have been nuclear.)

Eagles fans can't blame last night's loss on T.O., unless they're willing to admit that his participation would have made the team better.

But blaming it on McNabb? Why not? He couldn't even finish the game, finally KO'ed by his various injuries (future status unknown).

Instead of giving T.O. a mock funeral outside the stadium, tossing old "81" jerseys into a casket, maybe Philly fans should have been holding a pep rally outside his house, hoping he might come back.

But even T.O.'s return couldn't save this Eagles season now. THAT'S how bad last night's loss was.

AL MVP to A-Rod
Compare votes for 1st: 16-11. Did defense make a difference? Probably, but A-Rod didn't actually have to point it out.

Despite A-Rod's superior stats overall, if Ortiz had played full-time 1B, he probably would have won the award.

(Oh, that's right: If he had played full-time 1B, chances are Ortiz' offensive stats wouldn't have been as good. And Papi's D? Yikes! It probably would have cost the Red Sox their playoff spot.)

Looking ahead to 2006: It's not as if voters WANTED to pick A-Rod. With a full, healthy season and an expected division title, watch Cleveland's Travis Hafner (5th place, 2005).

NL MVP: Pujols?
Albert Pujols is dangerously close to "Shaq Status." So consistently dominant, that voters take his performances for granted.

Rather than reward him year after year (which they could arguably do), they go for the flavor of the month. (Cough! Andruw Jones!)

Hideki Matsui: Reportedly near 4yr/$50M deal with NYY
J. Richardson: Season-high 32 in W for energized Warriors
Karrie Webb: Youngest member of World Golf H.O.F.
Missouri: Hoops team shocked at home by Sam Houston St.
Kobe: 18 pts in L to Grizzlies (17.5 ppg avg in last 2 games)
Sacramento Kings: Fined $30K for anti-Pistons arena video
Jones had his best year yet. But wasn't he supposed to be the Albert Pujols of his time? He still isn't. (Quickie vote: Pujols)

Interesting sidebar: Jayson Stark will get the vote normally reserved for an Atlanta-based writer, all barred from participating (ethics).

Presumably, that writer would have had at least a slight local bias for Jones; Stark's addition as a neutral national vote is welcome.

Duke Tops B.U.
No 3s for J.J. Redick? What's going on here? The supershooter led the team with 19 and his fellow A-A Sheldon Williams had 17.

Foreshadowing: Tired starters in late March? Coach K played only 7 players, despite a highly regarded recruiting class.

Super-frosh Josh McRoberts logged starter's minutes off the bench and had a team-high 10 rebounds.

Knicks Win (Again!)
Say this for Larry Brown's "Right Way:"

If he can get this group of Knicks to set a team record for fewest points allowed (62), maybe he's on to something.

(Save your jokes about their offense: Even though they only scored a meager 73, it was enough for their second straight win.)

BCS Update
Does it even matter? The only thing standing between fans and the best title game of the BCS Era is USC vs. Fresno State (this weekend), USC vs. UCLA (next weekend) and Texas vs. its Big 12 title patsy.

In other words: Credit the college football regular season for, once again, being the most meaningful (and efficient) way to find two teams to play for the title. (OK, admittedly sometimes more than two.)

Quickie Book Club
"Schott's Sporting Miscellany:" Quirky Almanac-style books are all the rage right now (thanks much to genre-master Ben Schott), and this one is a small but fascinating (and addicting) addition. A tiny sample:

* Beckham's body art
* Honorary Globetrotters
* Satchel Paige's "Six Rules"

Jerry Rice:
I happen to think his decision to participate in "Dancing with the Stars" is bold, but most everyone else thinks it's a sad postscript to his legacy.
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Kansas State coach Bill Snyder will reportedly retire after the season. Legacy is turning one of the nation's worst CFB teams into a late-'90s power.

MLB is moving closer to intensifying its penalties for being busted for steroids. The players' union really got steamrolled on this.

Here's the kind of ship Lovie Smith is running in Chicago: C Olin Kreutz won't be suspended after breaking a teammate's jaw in a fight.

Islanders top the Penguins on a record-long shootout (9 shooters!). Wow, has this been a terrific and dramatic innovation for the sport.

It's official: Joe Maddon will manage the D-Rays. Prediction: One of MLB's worst gigs will become one of its best under new team management.

John Hart's withdrawing as a candidate for Dodgers GM is a sign that the team should promote Kim Ng to be the first female GM in MLB history.

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