April 7, 2003
For the casual women's college hoops fan, these are the marquee teams, so this was the matchup that had to happen. Should be a classic.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Best frosh in 'Cuse history? Best frosh in Big East history? Stop dancing around it: Using a hazy formula of "skills plus impact times Tournament record," Carmelo nets out as the men's best freshman ever.

Runners up (anticipating outraged emails): Webber, Ewing, Kenny Anderson, Pervis, Pearl Washingron, Chris Jackson.

The Big Game
Who deserves the title more, Roy Williams or Jim Boeheim: Roy perennially has had better teams, so deserves the break due to his bigger underachievement. Like '96, Boeheim can enjoy satisfaction at just having made it this far.

Comparisons to '88: Go ahead and compare Carmelo/Syracuse to Manning/Kansas in '88, but doesn't this Kansas team resemble that Oklahoma team Manning beat: Seemingly unstoppable fastbreak, marquee inside-outside game (King/Blaylock vs. Collison/Hinrich). Nevertheless: Kansas' quick-strike is too much. (Coming tomorrow: Roy-to-UNC rumors frenzy, ruining yet another week for him.)

NBA: Big Ben Hurt
Is Pistons' Ben Wallace the NBA's most valuable player? We'll see; knee sprain Sunday might keep him out for season. Resulting Detroit tailspin probably not the way they will want to prove his value.

Not like he was carrying them anywhere anyway: Vince Carter, the NBA's Ken Griffey, will likely miss the rest of the season with an ankle sprain.

1 Has the Schilling-Unit combo lost its mojo?
2 LeBron's shoe deal: Could top $50M, sneaker exec says
3 Byron Leftwich: Showcases healed leg for NFL today
1 Doherty: "Foolishly underestimated" UNC politics (No!)
2 Annika's mini-slump: Developing stride for Colonial
3 Monday's home openers for Indians, Yankees: Snow?!
NHL Playoff Seeds
All the Red Wings had to do was beat sorry Chicago to wrap up the Western's top seed, but they couldn't. When they lose Game 7 of the conference finals in Dallas, Detroit can look back to yesterday's 4-3 OT loss.

Kris Tingle
Is emerging Pirates' ace Kris Benson as cool as classic TV political operative Benson DuBois? Probably not. But Benson (2-0) minces opponents like Benson sliced up Clayton Endicott III in that classic dueling-insults episode.

E-mailbag: 'Melo
From a loyal Quickie reader: "Am I the only person who pictures

"Tony Soprano's wife every time announcers say, 'Carmelo?' "Sure, she could post up Adriana, but I don't know if she has the toughness to take on Dr. Melfi on the low blocks."

One Shizzle Mizzle
Top five rejected "re-branding" ideas for "One Shining Moment": 1) One Shining 'Melo; 2) One Hall-of-Fame Cheesy Song; 3) One Low Graduation Rate; 4) One Shizzle Mizzle; 5) One Money-Making Moment.

Brewers and Tigers:
Will either 0-6 dud win their first game this week? Milw. off to scalding Pittsburgh (nope); Detroit hosting red-hot Royals (nope).
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NCAA Tourney
NBA Insider

Where was usually diligent NASCAR yesterday on Dale Jr.'s suspect pass to win fourth straight at Talladega? ...

Carmelo vs. LeBron for NBA No. 1 pick is non-debate, but 'Melo vs. Darko for No. 2 will be red-hot ...

Forget uninspired races for NBA playoff 8th seeds: Lakers are 1½ games out of 4th ...
With a win tonight, Syracuse captures the Big 12 title, right? ...

"Survivor" gambling scandal: If only Tourney pools were such a sure thing ...

Today is the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition, so if you're legal, feel free to exercise your right to enjoy a cocktail during the game.

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