April 11, 2003
Mighty Ducks G Jean-Sebastien Giguere:
The hottest Canadian export since Jamie Sale, setting a record with 63 saves in his playoff debut, as Anaheim shocked Detroit 2-1 in 3 OTs.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Rain, rain, go away: Burk and Hootie want to play.

Cramming 36 soggy holes into one day isn't the Masters; it's the Augusta Marathon. (And it's more likely two days, awkwardly pushing half of Saturday's holes to Sunday and a couple extra to a commercially dreaded "Monday finish.")

Short-hitters in trouble: Might as well join Arnie and Jack on the "We're-Actually-Here-for-the-Free-Green-Windbreaker" circuit, because by Saturday morning, the only players still in it will be the ones that are long (visualization technique: Elin's legs).

Martha Burk needs numbers: Stuck way outside shouting distance from the club, the only way her Saturday protest doesn't fizzle (fo' shizzle) is if she delivers a mass of participants on magnitude of: "There was a protest and a golf major broke out." Don't expect that -- the real buzz on this faded months ago.

Lakers Thump Kings
"It's not mental with us," C-Webb insisted after last night's 117-104 loss, but you don't really believe that, do you? The far-more-talented Kings aren't toppling the Lakers in the conference finals -- the tantalizing collision course they're on, now that L.A. has moved into the 5th spot. And the reason is entirely mental.

NHL Playoffs
With the Ducks' 3 OT upset over the defending champs as the headliner, all four road teams won last night. If you aren't paying attention yet (come on, you can admit it), all signs point to more thrills if you start now.

Olympic Hoops
Book this prediction: Newly minted Olympian Allen Iverson

1 New Hampshire hockey: Play def. champ Minny for title
2 UNC AD talking w/ Roy: Hope he apologizes for timing
3 Big Royals Machine: Streak heads to Cleveland for 4
1 D. Wells book-related questions: 3-hitter helps, too
2 Georgia hoops coach search: But cleanup just starting
3 Leisurely Masters pace: Call it a "Cram Course"
will lead the U.S. team in scoring -- and assists.

Meanwhile: Jermaine O'Neal was schooled so badly last summer by basically every other big man on the planet, I'm not sure how he "earned" another spot.

Puerto Rico ... Ho!
A brand new opportunity for road-trip hi-jinks: The Mets and Expos play the first of Montreal's 22 "home" games in San Juan this weekend. If you thought this idea was smart because it tapped that P.R. "fervor" for U.S. baseball, great seats are still available.

Meanwhile: Unsurprisingly, the Expos ranked last in value among MLB franchises at $113M, according to Forbes mag. One guess which franchise was first ...

CSI: Tallahassee
Bobby Bowden's got to go: The NCAA polices ticky-tack violators with zeal, yet seems to ignore the

morass that is Florida State football.

Speaking of police: The "Nole-Blazers" racked up another All-Blotter candidate Thursday when an FSU reserve was charged with sexual assault.

Bull Durham II
Can't wait to see how he announces his presence: John Rocker might inspire "Bull Durham" nostalgia (filling vacuum of the cancellation of the official anniversary party, see DQ'ed) when he suits up for Durham after signing an Triple-A contract with the D-Rays. Susan Sarandon's "Annie" was too educated for him, anyway.

Baseball HOF prez Dale Petroskey:
Getting skewered for canceling Hall's "Bull Durham" celebration. Tim Robbins wrote him: "You belong in ... hall of shame."
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Golf: Masters
NFL Insider

Lakers-Mavs first round: Suddenly blah. Doesn't Blazers-Spurs-Kings sounds like a more fun Finals route for L.A.? ...

If Tyson can get a NJ license, he'll fight on June undercard for Lewis main event ...

Seriously, who keeps insisting that Armando Benitez deserves to close games? ...

Kentucky is offering Tubby a contract extension, but are these things really worth anything if a more desirable job comes along? ...

Yankees may be most valuable team (by a lot), but Mariners were most profitable ...

Shaq's "Flat-Tire Gate": The guy has, like, 50 ridiculoulsly expensive cars and no roadside-service plan? ...

Martha says "protest with pocketbooks." OK, twist my arm: I'll skip buying the $75 commemorative ball wipe ...

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