April 22, 2003
Renee Zellweger:
She's moving to New York ... will she bring some L.A. glitterati to Knicks games?
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

There is no more intense environment in team sports than an NHL playoff Game 7.

Why does it trump an NBA Game 7? Because the NBA would never (insanely, some might add) play a Game 7 the night immediately following Game 6 like the NHL is doing tonight -- and last night's two Game 6s both went to overtimes.

But wait, there's more: Tonight is a triple-treat -- THREE Game 7s: The four teams coming off last night's OT madness (Wild at Avs, Leafs at Flyers) and nice-'n-rested Blues at Canucks matchup.

If you aren't usually a hockey watcher, tonight's your night to check in, even if you can't name a single player on the ice.

Kings: Good/Bad News
The bad news: The Kings can't beat the Lakers without Chris Webber, so Kings fans/Laker-haters had to be anxious when C-Webb left last night's Game 2 vs. Utah early in the second quarter with a strained lower back.

The good news: He can rest all he wants for the next few days, because the Kings will trounce the hapless Jazz, with or without him.

NBA Playoffs
It took the Game 1 blip, but the Spurs figured it out in Game 2: Making free throws wins playoff games. Speaking of free throws ...

Pacers rebound: Boston's Paul Pierce can't score (14 points) when his transparent (and unsustainable) whining-for-foul-calls scoring strategy only nets him five free throws, not 21 like Saturday.

Meanwhile: The Celtics had no solution for Indiana's Jermaine O'Neal (23 pts, 20 reb), and won't get out of the series unless they find one.

1 Leave the gloves on and play hockey: three Game 7s
2 T'wolves get another chance to lose to the Lakers
3 Yankee starters' 14-0 record put to test at Anaheim
1 Coach bolting leaves players in lurch: Na´ve p.o.v.
2 Boston Marathon: Kenyan won men's (there's a shocker)
3 Torre-Boss Feud: Columbus? Tampa? Why the big fuss?
Baseball's Class War
There is a war brewing among MLB players, between the "enhanced" and "unenhanced." You saw initial salvos by the "uns" when they threatened to implode the drug-testing system earlier this spring, and it continues in today's New York Times report about continued muscle-building and amphetamine drug use.

This isn't going away: What are the see-no-evil MLB management and speak-no-evil players' union so afraid of?

"Mr. Personality" Test
If you didn't check out the show, here's a talking point to pretend you did: "Think Bachelorette going out with 20 socially awkward guys dressed like The Gimp."

Political Baseball
Love those opportunistic Chicago pols: Like contestants

racing to buzz in on Jeopardy, one suggested increasing penalties for running on the field from $100 to $1,000.

Nevermind that fines won't solve the problem: Notice he didn't mention changing rules about lucrative alcohol sales, the main driver of the fans-on-field problem.

Fennis Files
"Where Are They Now?" File: Fennis "One Shining Mag Cover" Dembo made news as the subject of investigation for a weekend shooting death in his house, though cops say the guy shot was a robber ...

Prep-to-pro Charlie Villanueva:
Reportedly skipping college for NBA. Like LeBron, no defined pro position. Unlike LeBron, can't pull it off.
Can Kings survive without Webber? Vote below
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NASCAR is looking into expanding into New Jersey, setting up fantastic auto-racing/Sopranos plot-line opportunities ...

Carl Lewis arrested for investigation of misdemeanor DUI; should have been arrested for pimping "Man vs. Beast" ...

Is there a more loaded sports euphemism than "suspended for conduct detrimental to the team?" It's the grab-bag of offenses ...

"Dr. Tom" Davis, whose Iowa hoops-coaching career peaked his first season in '86-87, will coach at Drake ...

Judge dismisses Raiders' hilarious trademark-infringement suit to prevent Bucs, Panthers from wearing their logos in California ...

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