June 3, 2003
Ducks RW Steve "Stumpy" Thomas:
"Mr. OT" (NHL's career OT-goals leader) scored game-winner 39 seconds into extra time for "Team OT" (Anaheim 7-0 in OT this postseason).
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

The Devils went to Anaheim up 2 games to zilch but return home having ceded series momentum to a Ducks squad that feasts on streaks -- particularly Jiggy (26 saves), who has shed his early-series rust to return to the unstoppably sick form that carried his team through the West.

Even though the Ducks have to win at least one game away from the obviously magical Pond, renewed confidence means Game 5 on Thursday in New Jersey is theirs to swipe.

'American Juniors'
No Ruben, no Clay, no Simon -- just stage parents. Segue to... Top 5 most memorable sports "stage parents":
(5) That wacko Texas cheerleader mom: 'Nuff said ...
(4) Jim (Father of Mary) Pierce: That would be a restraining order.
(3) Gloria (Mother of LeBron) James: Now she can afford several Hummers.
(2) LaShawn (Mother of Mark) Walker: Her Reebok-endorsed kid is only 3; isn't that child abuse?
(1) Marv (Father of Todd) Marinovich: No Big Macs for you!

MLB: Interleague
Doesn't Steinbrenner have his own team to meddle with? Interleague games, which start today, may feel exhibition-y, but they count; probably why the Boss is huffing in today's NY Times about the schedule being unfair to his Yankees (at Reds, Cubs) but kind to rival Boston (at Pirates, Brewers). Just another sign of his manic panic.

NBA Coaches
The latest word is that, yes, the Blazers are letting the Sixers talk to Mo Cheeks. That's a lay-up for Philly, and opens the door for Portland to import Rick "Are you

1 Red Sox at Pirates: For the first time since 1903
2 Twins at Giants: Gaudy records, but NOT a Series preview
3 Mariners at Phillies: Oh, Edgar, just get in the field
1 Fratello in N'awlins: Withdraws. Whither Tim Floyd?
2 Super Mario playing in NYC: Just wishful thinking
3 MJ Watch: Charlotte negotiation could take a while
calling my old owner for a reference?" Carlisle.

Meanwhile: The Rockets are apparently down to two contenders -- Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Dunleavy. It's all or nothing, really, because the guy who doesn't get the job chooses from the likes of the Wizards, Raptors and other dregs.

Lemieux Watch
"If I do play, it will be for the Pittsburgh Penguins": So says Lemiuex, putting to rest yesterday's rumors/blasphemy that he could wear a Rangers sweater.

MLB Draft
What if they held a draft and no one came? MLB may or may not go to a "worldwide" draft next year, but the lack of spectacle -- particularly compared to the NBA and NFL drafts -- will remain an issue.

The three key ingredients of any self-respecting draft: Flashy suits, teary-eyed moms and the draftee at the podium shaking hands with their new best Bud.

French Open
"Clay-court specialist" translates in Spanish to "Better do well at the French Open because it's the only Slam surface we have a prayer in."

All-Spain match to watch Wednesday: Quickie fave Tommy Robredo vs. defending champ Alberto Costa.

Ex-FSU QB Adrian McPherson:
Giving new meaning to "College GameDay," McPherson's misdemeanor gambling trial will be shown on Court TV. Where's the tailgate?
Like it or not ...
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Two top MLB draft prospects: college 2B Rickie Weeks and prep OF Delmon Young. Which team will draft LeBron, just for the p.r.?

Wizards interview Len Elmore for team prez, Wash. Post says. Love Len, but didn't Wiz just fire a guy with no NBA-exec experience?

The ACC's East Coast "Poach 'Em All" Tour continues today at Syracuse. Are they selling tour shirts yet?

Will MLB fining Curt Schilling $15K for smashing a Questec ump-monitor stop the man-on-machine violence? Not likely ...

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