June 12, 2003
Astros' "Pick Six":
Oswalt, Munro, Saarloos, Lidge, Dotel, Wagner. No-no-by-committee shows Yankees (in the Stadium!) that quality can come with quantity.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Which team has home-court advantage? Suddenly, the Finals' 2-3-2 format is a huge factor. The Nets bulled their way to grab series momentum, and now they get one more game at home with the chance to go up 3-2.

Mea culpa: Nets coach Byron Scott worked the refs about calling more fouls -- and his strategy worked last night (barely!). So yesterday's Scott-as-whiner smackdown was a little off. But give more credit to the Nets' newfound aggressiveness than Scott's off-court politicking.

The true test of Tony Parker's bandwagon is how many people dive off after his sorry performance last night.

Forget Malik Rose's Game 3 dunk on Dikembe: Richard Jefferson punctuated his breakout 18-and-10 game with that sick 3rd-quarter Home Depot-worthy hammer on Kevin Willis. Your move, Spurs.

Wacky No-Hitter
No-no-no-no-no-no: Not just a summary of last night's unprecedented six-pitcher no-hitter by the Astros over the Yankees; it's also a summary of my dating career, 1998-2000.

Putting the "class" in "ass": Yankees reportedly had champagne waiting at each Astros locker, a respectful nod to an event that hadn't happened since 1958. Only unmentionable guesses as to what Steinbrenner instructed to be put in front of each Yankee's locker.

Neuheisel Out
Fired by fax: At least Slick Rick is an optimist, his post-dump metaphor of choice to local TV about wanting to "scale new ladders." How long before he lands on his feet? Only 270-something days until next year's NCAA Tournament ladder comes out.

1 US Open: How will Chicago fans compare w/ NY'ers in '02
2 Astros at Yankees: Day game! See if NY can find a hit
3 NHL Awards night: Can casual fans decipher trophy names?
1 "Hot-face" golf drivers: Table for now; US Open=accuracy
2 Who's No. 2: Pistons will draft ESPN mag cover-boy Darko
3 ACC Poaching: No vote last night; resume watch next week
US Open Begins
With all the trademarks of predecessors: Nasty rough; Six Feet Under bunkers; fans mocking Euro-players; Tiger installed as heavy favorite; overpriced novelty golf balls; and industrious college kids trolling the galleries selling tall boys out of a bag.

Charlotte Copy-Cats?
Will the Carolina Panthers challenge the newly unveiled Charlotte Bobcats, their regional roommate, over the B-cats' way-too-similar logo?

No Exp. Necessary?
Between the Penguins hiring a new coach previously a broadcaster with no coaching experience and the Wizards contacting executive lightweight Bob Lanier for their top job (says Wash. Post), hope is resuscitated that we'll one day see PTI duo Kornheiser and Wilbon co-managing the Wiz.

Title IX Update
Yesterday, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging Title IX by some disgruntled college wrestlers and others. Maybe they can sue the football team next ...

Your Taxes at Work
A new Congressional proposal would not allow companies to write off expenses made at single-gender clubs (of either type), like Augusta National. Doesn't seem to address the murky issue of receipts filed from "gentlemen's clubs," which actually vexes spouses more than tax accountants.

Kazuhiro Sasaki
Mariners closer put on DL last night after injuring his ribs in slip-n-fall while carrying a suitcase up the stairs at home.
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Watching that instant-classic K-Mart and Duncan battle sequence, who else wondered "What if the '93 Bulls were called for a foul on the infamous Charles Smith block party?" ...

Pedro's back: Pitched three scoreless innings last night in first work in nearly a month ...

Hockey HOF new inductees: Players LaFontaine and Fuhr, owner Ilitch, coach/GM Kilren ...

That MLB says it believes Sammy's cork story doesn't help his public credibility, even if it drops his 8-game suspension to 7 ...

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