July 3, 2003
New Rockets asst coach
Patrick Ewing:

Forget the "Texas Two-Step": Will Ew teach Yao his patented "New York Three-Step?"
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Was it really just two months ago that Annika Sorenstam was the center of the sports universe? Now, Annika isn't even the biggest draw in her own sport.

The weekend's must-watch event is the Women's U.S. Open (teeing off today at Pumpkin Ridge in North Plains, Oregon), and the fascination is entirely for Michelle Wie, the 13-year-old sensation ...

* Who would have absolutely crushed Tiger Woods when he was that age ...

* Who won't be able to resist going pro well before she could play for her dream college (Stanford) ...

* And who, at her current development curve, will qualify for the Masters by the time she's 18.

Prediction: Wie finishes in the Top 20, and "Wie Whee!" explodes.

Dontrelle Watch
Learned tough lesson about pitching for the Marlins: Got 'ND' after sketchy run support in 1-run/8-inn outing vs. Braves. (Atlanta rookie Horacio lefty Ramirez is pretty nasty himself.) But here's his biggest stat: He put 30,634 butts in the seats (Florida averages 13,390).

And the Halladay Watch: Roy won his 12th straight decision, but more important, pitched Blue Jays out of four-game losing streak.

PGA Driver Testing
Why it's not crazy to presume a lot of PGA players use illegal drivers: You don't really hear ... anything ... about the ridiculous "voluntary" testing measures. Just a nervous silence.

Tiger talks though: And he said he knows of at least one player who is using an illegal club. (Hmm ... several guesses ...) TW said he gave the player a talking-to -- but can we convince Woods to out the cheater?

1 Wimbledon: Men's quarters, women's semis (Thanks, rain!)
2 U.S. Women's Open: Wie helps LPGA eclipse PGA Western
3 Giants at Cards: Can Bonds top yesterday's 2 HR?
1 Feder-over: Sergei won't go back to Red Wings
2 Lewis-Jones I: First, Lennox wants rematch w/Klitschko
3 Holyfield KOs bachelorhood: It's 'Evander-Marriage III'
Vancouver 2010
City won Winter Olympics host status by three votes: Sure, there's nothing sketchy about that margin of victory. (It is the Olympics.) Likely answer: Some kind of quid pro quo for a Euro city in 2012.

NBA Free Agency
The Pacers said they plan to re-sign Jermaine O'Neal and the Millers (Brad and Reggie). JO and Brad are like a poor man's Duncan-Robinson, but it's time for the Pacers to let Reggie go (then he can go to the Lakers).

Beane Time
After being stomped 13-0 by the Mariners last night: The A's (now 7 games behind Seattle) have two choices : (1) Put together one of their famous second-half runs, or (2) put pressure on teetering-on-overrated GM Billy Beane to put together one of his famous steal-deals.

Teams should be lining up to trade with Beane; the teams he supposedly "worked over" the last

two seasons (Royals, White Sox) are now both contenders.

Anna as ... Mom?
Rumor has it: That Anna K and Enrique moved into a phat Miami mansion together. Julio apparently wants grandkids; Anna-as-Mom would earn Kournikova her first title: "Hottest Mom on the Planet," taking it from Demi Moore.

FIFA: Shirts On
In honor of FIFA's ban on post-goal shirt-stripping, the Top 3 most entertaining post-scoring celebrations: (1) Signing the ball with Sharpie pulled from sock; (2) "Swingers" Trent ripping up napkin with 'business class' woman's number on it; (3) Fun Bunch, anytime.

Philadelphia Phillies:
As quickly as they took over MLB win-streak spotlight, Sammy Sosa waltzes up and hits 9th-inn HR to snap it at seven.
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The scary part about the escalator accident at Coors Field is that as a fan, you NEVER think about the ballpark being unsafe ...

The Nuggets met with rising star Corey Maggette; forgot they just drafted a great swingman?) Focus, Kiki, focus ...

Watched enough "Law and Order" to think that behind Adrian McPherson's plea bargain, there's got to be some FSU dirt that got traded ...

Biggest-impact American soccer player ever (M or F), Mia Hamm, says '03 World Cup will be her last ...
AC Milan cancels trip to Cleveland to play Glasgow Celtic. But don't they know LeBron is in Cle?

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