August 8, 2003
Carson Palmer:
Spotlight on the top NFL draft pick when the Bengals make their preseason debut on Sunday vs. the Jets.
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Two Words For You:

Looking for validation of the "Mark Cuban Theory?" (That's the one where scandal creates economic value for a sports league.)

In SportsCenter's upcoming Sunday Conversation, Pete Rose says he wants to manage in the majors again. Not sure if I'd bet on him to win (as he says he would), but he's right in claiming he'd "put people in the seats."

But that's less "Cuban Theory" than simple economics: Scarcity increases value. Just to see Rose participating in baseball again would sell out everywhere, all season long. Short of Ted Williams coming back from the frozen dead, there isn't a manager besides Rose who can sell tickets on cult-of-personality alone. (No more than a few players, either.)

He's baseball's one-man answer to its general attendance decline. Even more ironic, MLB itself could take greatest advantage and hire him to manage their own team (and worst attendance problem) -- Rose's old team, the Expos.

Maurice Clar-ify
Now that the Ohio State RB says he won't challenge the NFL eligibility rule, he's got to wade through two more college seasons. Clarett's in a tough spot, and not just because he's being held out of preseason; it's that there's no end in sight for determining his eligibility.

What if he cuts a deal with his new lawyer to cop to something (heck, anything) in exchange for some limited short-term pain, like a couple games' suspension. Better to take that punishment rather than risk something longer.

T-Mac on Kobe
"Keep a happy family," relationship expert Dr. McGrady said about Kobe's troubles. But having looked up at Bryant all last year (despite comparable numbers) maybe T-Mac's leap to the high road is an attempt to

1 NFL: Full preseason slate. Fantasy eyes on Sleeper Watch
2 MLB: A's/White Sox, Mariners/Yankees, Phillies/Giants
3 LLWS: Regional finals. Who's this year's Harlem?
1 Steve Kerr getting another ring: Retiring to TV land
2 YankeeNets: Rumored to be breaking up; Nets to NY?
3 B. Zito: Not just oh-fer-last-month, but lost to Tigers
elevate himself (and his endorsement potential) past Kobe to the status as the NBA's premier all-around player.

Lakers: Geraldo Next?
No...ya think? The Lakers are considering changes to their media policy. (Why, because "Access Hollywood" and Greta Van Susteren are suddenly asking for season-long press-passes?)

Meanwhile: Hundreds of salivating journos are praying the team doesn't cancel its training camp in Hawaii, anticipated as a career-making boondoggle opportunity.

Dodgers: Game Over
Dodgers closer Eric Gagne is the biggest wasted opportunity in the National League. This weekend, he'll likely break the record for consecutive saves (38 straight so far) to start the season. But L.A. is fiddling around near the back of the wild-card pack; Gagne is saving nothing more than another mediocre Dodgers season.

Royals Slipping
We're a long way from last Monday, when the Royals looked so strong in out-slugging the White Sox; their lead over Chicago has steadily been chipped away all week long, including blowing a 2-0 lead in the ninth to Tampa Bay on Thursday. KC is treading water (barely); as soon as they lose their lead, don't expect them to get it back.

Shock Jock
Training-camp brawl worthy of pay-per-view: Jeremy Shockey versus Bill Parcells. In camp on Thursday, Shockey strongly denied calling Big Tuna a "homo" in this week's New York magazine. Keeping an eye on Sept. 15, when the Cowboys visit N.Y.

Division III presidents:
For putting storied Johns Hopkins lacrosse program on the chopping block after approving deal to kill scholarships for D3 schools which have D1 programs.
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If you haven't seen it yet, go.

Albert Pujols hit the 100/100 (RBI/runs) on Thursday night. Much, much, much more to come ...

In wake of Dennehy's funeral, Baylor is in a ton of trouble from latest report it gave him improper financial benefits ...

Weekend plans include checking out Nike's national 1-on-1 streetball finals in NYC. Final prediction: Chicago's Paul McPherson ...

Memo to athletes: Jerry Stackhouse is off the hook on his previous assault charge, because he nicely apologized to the alleged victim ...

Taking cue from "Nene," what if we dropped "Daily" from "Daily Quickie," Brasilian-style ...

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