Top 10 fantasy football team names

Updated: September 1, 2011, 9:29 PM ET
By Jerry Greene | Special to Page 2

We pride ourselves at the reader-generated Top 10 list for being topical and on top of the most meaningful concerns in the world of sports. If it's important, we've got a Top 10 list for it.

[+] EnlargeArizona's Kevin Kolb
Kirby Lee/US PRESSWIREOne would assume there will be plenty of plays on Kevin Kolb's name on Arizona fantasy teams.

Then, on a lark, we proposed a list that really doesn't reflect the most vital things going on all around us: "Top 10 Fantasy Football Team Names."

Boom! Our email box blew up with more than 400 entries. You may not care much about steroids or corruption or lockouts, but you love yourselves some fantasy football.

Oddest league mentioned was the Couch Potato League of Buffalo, N.Y., because every team must be named after a potato, according to John S. My favorite was "Yam What I Yam."

My favorite submission that didn't seem quite right for the actual list came from Guillermo C. of Mexicali, Mexico. His entry was blank. No name at all. His explanation: "This was the Jacksonville Jags entry but its name has been blacked out."

Cruel, Guillermo. Cute -- but cruel.

Enough. Let's get to the list:

Top 10 Fantasy Football Team Names

10. "Korn on the Kolb," by Matt H. of Indianapolis.

9. "Burressted Development," by Massawar A. of Queens, N.Y.

8. "Green Eggs & Manningham," by Robert B. of Chapel Hill, N.C.

7. "Hines Wardrobe Malfunction," by Matt L. of Washington, D.C.

6. "Suh & a Half Men," by Tyler R. of Overland Park, Kan.

5. "Turn & Coughlin," by Andy H. of Boise, Idaho.

4. "Plaxidental Shooter," by Vinny P. of Galloway, N.J.

3. "Carson Palmer's Retirement Home," by Jon B. of Oklahoma City (who went the distance by drafting Palmer in the 14th round. Good luck with that.)

2. "Te-bow or Not Te-bow," by Marc S. of New York City.

1. "The Favre Side of the Moon," by Lisa H. of Hamilton, Mont. (He will haunt us forever!)

Need to give a shout-out to the more than 100 of you who left anonymous suggestions as comments on our Monday call for entries. Some of my favorites were: "Some Where Over Dwayne Bowe," "Pryor Convictions," "Corn on the Schaub," "Storm My Cassel," and the ever-popular "Henne-Lick Maneuver."

As noted earlier, we had hundreds of solid entries that were not mentioned here. Thank you, and good luck to all in your fantasy leagues. I have two teams built around Arian Foster even if he does have just one leg and hates all Fantasy players. Pray for Arian -- and pray for me.

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