Page 2 unveils epic Thanksgiving recipe

Originally Published: November 23, 2011
By Melissa Pfeister | Special to Page 2

You love sports, right? Sure you do. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading

You love food, too. Don't you? Otherwise, you'd starve.

Great. Now that you're a captive audience, allow me to welcome you to my Page 2 video debut. My goal is to combine the sports and food worlds in a quest to amuse and captivate.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, a little about me ...

I host an online show called "Hot For Food," and besides cooking there is nothing I love more than sports.

Growing up in Ohio, I played just about everything ... from basketball to volleyball to softball to soccer. Basketball is my favorite. I was captain of my high school team, earned honorable mention all-state honors as a senior and still rank as the fourth-leading scorer in school history. My father, Ken, coached college football at Akron and Baldwin-Wallace, in addition to decades of coaching in the high school ranks. My mother is currently the only female security guard to work the field at Cleveland Browns games. One of my cousins, Mike Vrabel, played 14 seasons in the NFL and is now an assistant coach at his alma mater, Ohio State. Sports are in my blood.

Which brings us to food and Thanksgiving ...

I taught myself to cook, because my mother, Pam, didn't exactly have the best skills in the kitchen. One of her first attempts to help with the Thanksgiving feast ended up being her last. Mom was in charge of stuffing the bird, and as it turns out, she had put on a new set of press-on nails earlier that morning. After putting the last handful of stuffing in the bird, she looked down and realized that one of her new, bright red press-on nails was missing. In a panic, she secretly called me into the kitchen to help take all the stuffing back out of the turkey and dig through all of it in search of the missing nail.

It wasn't long before my grandmother got involved, because she needs to know what everyone is doing, when they're doing it, why they're doing it and how they're doing it. Grandma figures out what happened and darts into the living room, where the rest of the family is watching football. Then she rowdily announces, "Hey everyone ... Pammy just got a five-yard penalty for encrotchment!"

Naturally, the room bursts into laughter. Then Grandma bursts out laughing as well -- thinking everyone is hysterical from her witty joke -- unaware that our sides are splitting because she screamed out "encrotchment" instead of "encroachment." Grandma, probably out of guilt for spilling the secret, was the only one to try the stuffing ... and Thanksgiving in my family hasn't been the same since.

So I hope my Thanksgiving pizza recipe doesn't draw any penalties from your family and friends. Hope to cook up more tasty fun with you again soon!

Melissa Pfeister is the host of the online show "Hot For Food" on YouTube.

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