Readers: Ideas for 2012 for Tim Tebow

Originally Published: December 29, 2011
By Jerry Greene | Page 2

What a year in sports. Terrible in some ways, thrilling in others. Tragic stories, heroic stories and one oddly compelling story that clearly has not ended.

The Tim Tebow story.

The second-year NFL player began the season as perhaps the fourth-string quarterback on the Denver Broncos' roster but now is the starter and, far more than that, the most debatable figure in the NFL -- savior to some, irritant to others.

And according to the "Zillow Celebrity Neighbor Survey," 1,000 Americans chose Tebow as the celebrity they would most like to have living next door, edging out the Pitt-Jolie (Jolie-Pitt?) family. The oddity is that we can dream of having Tebow as the guy cooking steaks in the other yard while Broncos management still seems torn about having him taking their snaps from center.

That conflict comes to more than a symbolic head Sunday when the Broncos end their regular season by hosting the Kansas City Chiefs -- led by QB Kyle Orton, who was Denver's starter before being dumped off to the Chiefs in favor of Tebow. You think Orton is motivated? A Broncos victory puts them in the playoffs, while a defeat may knock them out.

And what does Tebow have to say about Orton? "I'm happy for him that he has another opportunity. And I'm glad that he's playing and doing well. I wish him nothing but the best -- but maybe not too good on Sunday."

What, Tim? "Maybe not too good on Sunday?" Oh, you naughty devil.

As we said, the Tebow story clearly is not over and that's why our final reader-generated list of the year involves guessing what will happen to Tebow in 2012. Not a serious look and not a nasty one either (as far as we know, Bill Maher did not send in a suggestion). Will any of these things actually happen? With Tebow, you never know.

Top 10 Predictions for Tim Tebow in 2012

10. "Tebow goes back to his rookie haircut and takes a vow of silence for 2012. NFL fans suggest James Harrison and Rex Ryan do the same," said Jared B. of Coldwater, Ohio.

9. "Humbly turns down invitation from Republican presidential candidate to run as VP," said Sarah W. of Columbus, Ohio.

8. "A clipboard," said Greg S. of Missoula, Mo. (Cold, Greg, cold.)

7. "Convinces his new BFF, Dwight Howard, to stay in Orlando for the good of the people," said Peggy C. of Oviedo, Fla. (Good chance Peggy is a Magic fan.)

6. "Competes in 'Dancing With the Stars,' and enriches the lives of the judges," said Janice H. of Palo Alto, Calif.

5. "Accepts President Obama's appointment to the newly created post of 'Secretary of Intangibles,'" said Doug E. of Altamonte Springs, Fla.

4. "Tests positive for holy water," said Carey S. of Palo Alto, Calif.

3. "Makes the Madden 2013 cover, contracts flesh-eating disease from a scalpel while performing an emergency heart transplant in the Philippines, loses left arm, learns to throw right-handed, leads Broncos to Super Bowl victory," said Lisa H. of Hamilton, Mo.

2. "Marries Kim Kardashian and the happy couple produce a family that becomes a reality-show dynasty for a thousand years," said Terry T. of Los Angeles.

1. "In 2012, once again Denver will be playing for [a] playoff berth in Week 17 when, on [the] last play, Tebow throws a Hail Mary pass that disappears so Denver loses. John Elway steps down, John Fox is fired and Tebow is run out of town. But then NASA and NORAD report that [an] asteroid was going to destroy Earth but Tebow's pass knocked it off course and saved humanity. Tebowing becomes mandatory in all schools -- although some Broncos fans are still unhappy because they lost," said Gustavo E. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (We received a similar suggestion from Matt N. of Baltimore.)

Hey, it's Tim Tebow. Every one of them could happen.

Happy New Year's to Tim and to all.

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