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Originally Published: February 6, 2012
By Patrick Dorsey | Page 2

With all those commercials, who won the Super Bowl? (The Giants. Duh. Commercials don't change the outcome of the game.)

OK, enough with the misdirect. Who won the battle of Super Bowl ad buzz?

The Boston-based firm Mullen has some answers after participating in Brand Bowl 2012. With its help, we're happy to bring you the spots that got the most people talking:

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Doritos -- Man's Best Friend

Doritos scored big with two ads, one involving a baby slingshot and the other celebrating cat murder. OK, sure, we get it -- the commercial's a joke. But why is it always felines on the wrong end? Back us up, cat people.

H&M -- David Beckham Bodywear

This one got buzz before the Big Game, and it didn't stop at kickoff. We're thinking of one particular demographic that liked it and another that might not have been so fond …

Chrysler -- It's Halftime in America

Gravelly voiced Clint Eastwood gives America a rousing halftime speech. Perhaps the Patriots could have used something like this? Or maybe: "Get the dropped football off my lawn …"

Pepsi -- King's Court

The cola brand was not well-liked Sunday (8 percent approval, according to Mullen). But Elton John as a Pepsi-dispensing oddball king? People were talking.

Chevy Silverado -- 2012

Chevy's clever Happy Grad went viral weeks ago, and its tale of apocalyptic survival (complete with Twinkies, of course) also got some in-game talk.

M&Ms -- Just My Shell

Best of the night? It certainly got the highest approval from Twitter-ers, and we can't complain about meeting Mrs. Brown. But seeing the Red M&M dance without his shell? That could haunt a person more than a Hail Mary falling to the ground just a few feet away …

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