What's in Brad Richards' closet?

The NY Rangers center shows off his style

Updated: August 13, 2012, 3:18 PM ET
By Kyle Stack | ESPN The Magazine

Brad RichardsVictoria WillNew York Rangers center Brad Richards says he matches his watches with his suits.

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"A friend's son gave me this. He ran up to me and said, 'You might need this.' I'm superstitious, so if something means good luck and it's given to me, I won't just throw it in the garbage. Now it's my good-luck charm."

"I don't get to golf much because we're in season, but come summer, my style turns to golf shirts and shorts. I'll buy a golf shirt from nearly every club I go to, and those shirts will be the most color you'll see on me."

"I wore a black Under Armour hat when I won the Stanley Cup with the Lightning in '04. While doing press conferences, Under Armour said, 'This guy is wearing our hat; let's talk to him.' I've been with them since."

"In the summer, I live in sneakers. In the winter, all I wear are black boots. When it snows, I'll wear my Ugg snow boots just to get to practice, but I don't wear them out to dinner."

"My house was broken into back in Dallas, and I had three watches stolen. So I'm kind of starting over. I don't really go for the crazy fancy watches. I just have three now, and I always match them with my suits."

"I learned a lot about wine at Bern's Steak House in Tampa, where I was for eight years. Since then, I've been collecting, and I have French wines I won't open for another 25 years. Wine is light and goes good with a meal."

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