Bob Bradley talks vuvuzelas, media

Originally Published: June 30, 2010
By Lynn Hoppes | Page 2

U.S. men's soccer coach Bob Bradley, in many ways, is misunderstood.

Bradley has been coaching the U.S. team, which was eliminated from the World Cup on Saturday, for the past four years, and he knows that success is based on winning. His contract will expire in December, and his future is unclear.

On Wednesday, he arrived back in the states and will eventually head to his home in California, but Page 2 got a chance to talk to him about things you didn't know:

On his stoic look: "At the base camp where we were staying, there was this artist who painted me. He painted me with a sour face. I said, 'That's not me. Behind the scenes, I'm laughing and I have a smile on my face.' I don't like to tell everyone that. That's not the right man in that painting. I'm not sure what happened to the painting after I left. Maybe it got turned into a dartboard?"

On the media: "I don't read or watch anything pertaining to my team. I have my people tell me what's going on. I feel that comments don't have anything to do with my work. We have goals that we try to achieve. I don't need to read or watch it."

On the vuvuzela: "Inside the stadium, I can shut it out. It does come into play when you're trying to yell on the field. It seems to be part of the passion of South Africa, and people take offense if you say it's annoying. I've been in big games in Europe, and the crowd is so loud and into it. Let's just say I'd rather take that."

On his family: "My wife, Lindsay, and my daughters, Kerry and Ryan, were with me in South Africa, so they could experience it also. For my wife, it's a double whammy because our son, Michael, plays for the team. They all were able to enjoy the World Cup. Most people don't know that we sponsor a little girl, Beatrice, in an orphanage in Kenya. And we got to share seeing the girl as a family."

On being called a workaholic: "I don't use that phrase. Other people have called me that. I think I physically and mentally am able to keep up with things. 'Workaholic' sounds negative. I know I can handle this."