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Updated: February 17, 2011, 10:32 AM ET
By Jerry Greene | Special to Page 2

We saw this one coming.

After we asked you to build a Top 10 list for "What Would I Want From the NFL" if the league were willing to give us anything, the NFL made its third offer to what we call "The Forlorn 400" who never actually sat and saw Super Bowl XLV because the seats for which they had tickets couldn't be used due to safety reasons at Cowboys Stadium.

The latest proposal was for at least $5,000 in cash to make up for expenses and, apparently, emotional loss as the league faces at least two lawsuits because of the foul-up on Super Bowl Sunday.

Who says it will be the last offer and who knows how far the league will bend to make this go away?

Perhaps the 400 really will get whatever they want.

And if they get that chance, you came up with a laundry list of suggestions. The most common suggestion was for a new and immediate CBA between ownership and labor so that all of us are not deprived of all or part of the coming season.

As for the 400, Kyle A. of Anchorage, Ala., even created a chart of material and emotional losses, including attorney fees, to prove that each neutral fan should receive $11,866 and each Green Bay or Pittsburgh fan should get $15,866.

The league has a ways to go before it reaches that.

But the list we wanted was more wish-fulfillment and individualistic than that. Here it is:

Top 10 Things I'd Want From the NFL (If It Would Give Me Anything)

10. "One Peyton Manning game check (with no IRS record that I got it)," wrote Wes P. of Seoul, South Korea.

9. "Bears' season tickets and tickets to all Super Bowls involving the Bears -- plus my own copy of Jay Cutler's MRI," wrote Eddie R. of Plymouth, Ind.

8. "Written guarantee, signed by Commissioner Goodell, that Brett Favre is and shall forever remain retired," wrote Sally J. of Athens, Ga.

7. "Force the Fox pregame show to hire somebody under the age of 50," wrote Jim G. of Birmingham, Ala.

6. "The league's best offer -- plus a formal apology letter from Roger Goodell that uses the phrase 'We failed because we got greedy,'" wrote Darrin B. of Springfield, Ill.

5. "Let us vote from a list of five musical performers with top vote-getter doing the halftime show and No. 2 singing the national anthem," wrote Sean S. of "Parts Unknown," Okla. -- (Sean, you want Justin Bieber to do the halftime show and Lady Gaga to sing the national anthem from inside an egg?)

4. "The impeachment of Jerry Jones," wrote Phil H. of Fort Worth, Texas.

3. "Assistant coaching position in the Lingerie Football League," wrote Brandon S. of St. Louis, Mo.

2. "Forget explaining revenue sharing, I want a clear definition of what constitutes a pass reception," wrote Scott G. of Rockford, Ill.

1. "Troy Polamalu's hair, Peyton Hillis' arms, Aaron Rogers' championship belt, Tony Romo's little black book and all the money from Cincinnati Bengals' fines," wrote Ben M. of Peoria, Ill. (And you can almost sing that to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas.")

Granted, the situation provided an excuse to create a fantasy list for most of us, but it should not be forgotten that there were at least 400 persons (and many more connected to them) who had a terrible experience through no fault of their own.

In fact, "Foos" of Warren, Pa., is the mother of two sons who were among the 400 deprived of seats while the Super Bowl experience -- that had been planned as a family treat for the parents and their sons -- was ruined for all of them.

"I would like the entire trip paid for by the NFL as the trip was ruined when there were no seats. We all missed the warm-ups, pregame activities and the kickoff," she said. "Since I paid face value for all four tickets, I would be happy with four times the costs of each ticket ($9,600) plus four free Super Bowl tickets to next year's game. Since our experience was so bad, I would never go again although, if given the free tickets, I might try it. This is not too much to ask."

Your move, NFL.

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