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The Bears' perfect season remains intact. The Cardinals pulled off the collapse of all collapses. If you went to bed before the game ended, you won't believe what happened. As the great Red Smith wrote after Bobby Thomson's famous home run, "The art of fiction is dead."

These things just do not happen. This is why when announcers say "This game isn't over" they actually are speaking the smallest, tiniest kernel of truth.

Because, well, sometimes you just never know what will happen.

In fact, we're so pumped up here at Page 2 about Monday night's improbable finish that we need your help to fill out some lists and questions we have. Take a look at the questions, send in your favorite responses to one or all by clicking here, and we'll build this page throughout the day.

How will the Bears win the rest of their games?

Page 2 example: The Giants lead the Bears 20-0 at halftime on Nov. 12. But Giants' coach Tom Coughlin melts down at halftime, going all Howard Dean in the locker room and yelling, "The Bears are who we thought they were. They are what we thought they were. We're going to Jacksonville and Tennessee and Carolina and Washington and the playoffs! And then we're going to Miami, to take back the Super Bowl! Yeah!" Needless to say, the Bears rally for a 21-20 victory on an 84-yard TD pass to Plaxico Burress in the final minute.

Andy, Chattanooga, Tenn.: How will the Bears win the rest of their games? Since their defense is clearly better at scoring than their offense is, they will have them play offense as well. And Brian Urlacher will pass for 334 yards and four touchdowns, the best passing performance for the Bears since Billy Wade in a 52-14 win over Los Angeles in 1963.

Alex Quigley, Chicago: The Bears shall win the rest of their games by natural disaster. Lightning, floods, hurricanes, tornados, or earthquakes … it's pretty clear at this point that God is a Bears fan.

How will the Cardinals lose the rest of their games?

Page 2 example: Week 11, vs. Detroit, the Cardinals lead 17-10 in the final minute, but are trapped inside their own 5-yard late. Dennis Green decides to take a safety to make the score 17-12. On the ensuing punt, the Lions lateral the ball seven times, the Cardinals cheerleaders run onto the field while the ball is still live, and Detroit's Eddie Drummond runs over a cheerleader as he scores the winning TD. Detroit 18, Arizona 17.

Matt, Succasunna, N.J.: How will the Cardinals lose the rest of their games? The Cardinals play Oakland next week, which will be an epic battle, and we will finally learn if there actually is a way that two teams can lose one NFL game.

Mark I.: Week 7, October 22. Leading the Raiders 34-0 going into halftime, Dennis Green asks the team to take a knee. He rants and raves for 45 minutes, missing the official's call to get the Cards back on the field. The ensuing penalized kickoff is shanked by Neil Rackers and ricochets off the head of Art Shell, rendering him unconscious for the remainder of the game. This provides a burst of motivation for an ecstatic Raiders squad led by Randy Moss, who quickly roll off four touchdowns to pull within six. Matt Leinart cooly moves the Cards downfield in the final five minutes, but as the Cards get within 30 yards of a game-sealing field goal, Dennis Green orders Leinart to stop throwing the ball and instead asks Edge James to throw himself at his own center's back for three downs. As Rackers has a chance to put it away, place-holder John Navarre decides it would be really funny to do that "Charlie Brown thing" with the football. Rackers ends up flat on his back, but a chuckling Navarre forgets to down the ball in his mirth and gets stripped by Warren Sapp, who high-steps downfield in an astonishing 97 seconds to give the Raiders their first win … and puts this game No. 1 on the list of embarrassing Cardinals moments.

Johnny Dormer, Southampton, Pa.: How will the Cardinals lose the rest of their games? Week 15 -- Cardinals are trailing 2-0 to Denver, but with 1:12 remaining, Matt Leinart completes a 74-yard pass to Obafemi Ayanbadejo who is stopped at the 2-yard line. Edgerrin James falls down on the next three plays, which actually increases his yardage per carry average, to set up a field goal from the Cardinals' fifth kicker of the year, Doug Flutie. Flutie's drop-kick is wide left, and the Cards are now 0-14 and looking for another kicker. Garo Yepremian is said to be the favorite.

Worst moment in Cardinals history?

Page 2 examples: (1) Become charter member of NFL in 1920 (as the Chicago Cardinals); (2) Bidwell family purchases franchise in 1932; (3) Team moves to St. Louis in 1960; (4) Team moves to Arizona in 1988; (5) Bidwell family still owns franchise.

Sean, St. Louis: Worst moment in Cardinals history? All of them. At least now the entire country had a chance to see firsthand what being a football Cardinals fan is all about. I was 11 years old when the Big Red left town, and that game last night brought back some traumatic childhood memories. I doubt anyone in St. Louis was the least bit surprised with the way that game ended.

Scott, Harrisburg: What's the worst moment in Cardinals history? "And starting at quarterback, 6-foot-6 from Washington State, No. 3 … Timm Rosenbach!"

Worst NFL game ever played?

Admit it, this game was not a how-to manual on how to play NFL football. The Bears committed six turnovers. Rex Grossman was an abysmal 14 of 37 passing, the Cardinals blew a 20-point leading despite making two fourth-quarter interceptions, Edgerrin James set a mark for most carries while averaging less than 2 yards per rush (36 carries, 55 yards) ...

Page 2 example: We're not sure, but it surely must have involved the 1991 Colts, who scored only 14 TDs in 16 games and were so bad Eric Dickerson told fans not to show up: "No way I'd pay to see someone play the way we are."

Yoni, New York: In all seriousness the worst game ever played was Super Bowl V. The game had something like 10 turnovers (including a ball that rolled through the end zone for a touchback), a missed PAT, and a touchdown scored off a twice tipped pass. And it was the freakin' SUPER BOWL! Surely that makes the list as the worst game ever played.

What else does Dennis Green know?

Page 2 example: "I'm only one of four NFL coaches to win 15 games in one season. I made the playoffs eight times in Minnesota with seven different quarterbacks. I made the playoffs each year from 1996 to 2000. You'd think I would have been smart enough to hire an offensive line coach."

Craig Bursch, Duluth, Minn.: What else does Denny Green know? It can get much worse … just look at his record in the playoffs! That makes this heartbreaking loss look like nothing!

Andrew, Washington D.C.: What else does Dennis Green know? Batman and Superman's secret identities. The location of the lost city of Atlantis. The recipe for a mean soufflé. Most importantly, he knows why Terrell Owens is here.