Few things outside the Vegas strip were as entertaining the past two years as the Boston-New York rivalry, but this situation is just like a sitcom when the male and female leads finally get it on. You have all this delicious tension and repartee episode after episode, and you're wondering will they or won't they -- and then as soon as they do, the air instantly goes out of the series. Likewise, for decades we rooted for the Red Sox to finally beat the Yankees, wondering what it would be like if they ever finally won.

Well, they did. And because they did, the Red Sox-Yankees series has become the equivalent of Ross and Rachel.

The New York-Boston rivalry's history is still there, but all the drama is gone. I'm ready for something fresh.

Sigh ... do you think there's any chance the Blue Jays still can pull it out?

So how did your first day at the office go? Accidentally send a virus through the office e-mail? Spill copy toner on your slacks? Get stuck in a sexual-harassment seminar for five hours?

Well, that's the way most people start out on a new job. Florida's Jeremy Hermida, on the other hand, had a better day. Asked to make his major-league debut on Aug. 31 as a pinch hitter, he hit a grand slam, becoming just the second player in modern (post-1900) big-league history to do so in his first game and the only one in his first at-bat. The only previous player to hit a grand slam in his first game was Bobby Bonds, in his third plate appearance.

Hermida's line:

AB 1, R 1, H 1, RBI 4

Does Hermida's debut promise a career of many home runs? We'll see. Entering this season, 88 players in modern big-league history had homered in their first at-bat, and of those, Gary Gaetti wound up with the most -- 360. The top 10 in that category:

Career home runs Player
360 Gary Gaetti
284 Will Clark
260 Tim Wallach
238 Earl Averill
202 Bill White
195 Jay Bell
188 Jermaine Dye
162 Terry Steinbach
152 Carlos Lee
142 Wally Moon

(Source: Baseball Almanac)

Jim Caple is a senior writer at ESPN.com. His first book, "The Devil Wears Pinstripes," is on sale at bookstores nationwide. It can also be ordered through his Web site, Jimcaple.com.


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