By Jim Caple
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"I've forgotten more baseball than this guy knows."

– Lou Piniella, responding to Curt Schilling's criticism that he's forgotten how baseball is played

The Top 10 things Lou Piniella has forgotten about baseball

10. Where he put the keys to the bullpen cart.

9. Who's on first?

8. That while it stinks to manage a last-place team, it really, really stinks to manage a team owned by George Steinbrenner.

7. Which alternate jersey the Devil Rays are supposed to wear on Sundays.

6. The big-league record for triples in a season.

5. The second verse to "Cotton-Eye Joe."

4. Whether it's "I before E" when signing a baseball.

3. Marge Schott's favorite brand of scotch.

2. That you have to unhook a base before attempting to heave it into the outfield.

1. Why the hell he ever left the Mariners anyway.

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