Secret to success? Two words: coach appearance   

Updated: March 17, 2008, 4:26 PM ET

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In the American Heritage dictionary, "coach" is defined as "a person who trains athletes or athletic teams." But we all know a coach is much more than that. He inspires his players in the locker room and leads them into the fight.

So it'd be nice if he dressed well, had a full head of hair and was taller than 5-foot-6.

Which coach has the better appearance? Sounds like a fair way to fill out a bracket, don't you think? So that's exactly what we've done here. For instance, a healthy amount of hair is good (unless someone really rocks the bald look well). A healthy gut -- not so good. You get the idea.


On Friday, we promised to help you win your NCAA pool. Here are our nine foolproof methods.
The 10th -- straight chalk -- will be figured into the Page 2 group bracket as a control variable.
Stay tuned to Page 2 throughout the NCAA tournament to see how our brackets stack up.

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Easiest region (to pick): South. John Calipari, Jamie Dixon, Tom Crean and Frank Haith are all obvious choices to get to the regional in Houston. Get these guys on a catwalk, stat!

Toughest region (to pick): East. Jeff Capel vs. Tony Bennett is an epic matchup of good looks in the regional final. Mike Brey's slick turtleneck look goes down in the second round.

Easiest pick (single game): Siena over Vanderbilt. Kevin Stallings' shiny dome, with the wings on the sides, would have lost to just about any team in the field.

Toughest pick (single game): As mentioned above, Oklahoma vs. Washington State in the East regional final. Both Capel and Bennett are bright young stars in the coaching field, and snazzy dressers -- give Capel the nod because he played at Duke, while Bennett played at Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Biggest upset (in entire bracket): No. 15 American over No. 2 Tennessee. The orange suit jackets are bad enough. But Bruce Pearl, shirtless, with his chest painted orange, is an image that's just never going to go away, folks.

First-round flop: UConn. Jim Calhoun's ever-increasing flop-sweat will contribute to a Huskies' flop in the Big Dance.

Sleeper school: Western Kentucky. Not only do the Hilltoppers have a future NBA player in Courtney Lee, they have Darrin Horn -- who's good-looking enough to be on "The Bachelor" (if he wasn't married with two kids, of course).

Final Four shockers: West Virginia and Villanova. Bob Huggins' gold ensemble (particularly the shoes) was our favorite outfit of this whole season, and that alone should get the Mountaineers to the gold-medal game, er, the Final Four. And Jay Wright? C'mon, the dude's straight outta GQ.

Buy stock in: Kansas State. Forget Michael Beasley. First-year coach Frank Martin's slick dark curls are mucho intimidating, and a touch of gray on the sides adds a splash of wisdom.

Sell stock in: Louisville. He works out religiously and has a 'do to die for, but Rick Pitino doomed his No. 3-seeded Cardinals the second he donned that blinding white suit on Feb. 9 against Georgetown. He switched suits at halftime, and his Cardinals went on to win that game -- but the long-term damage to them (and us) was already done.

Obvious pick we still like anyway: Memphis. Love him or hate him, John Calipari has perfected the image of the slick used-car salesman -- which seems very appropriate, don't ya think? As usual, the talent he's collected will get him pretty far -- but not quite all the way.

First Round
1 North Carolina def. 16 Mount St. Mary's
9 Arkansas def. 8 Indiana
5 Notre Dame def. George Mason
4 Washington State def. 13 Winthrop
6 Oklahoma def. 11 Saint Joseph's
14 Boise State def. 3 Louisville
7 Butler def. 10 South Alabama
15 American def. 2 Tennessee

Second Round
1 North Carolina def. 9 Arkansas
4 Washington State def. 5 Notre Dame
6 Oklahoma def. 14 Boise State
15 American def. 7 Butler

Round of 16
4 Washington State over 1 North Carolina
6 Oklahoma def. 15 American

Regional Final
6 Oklahoma def. 14 Washington State

First Round
16 Portland State def. 1 Kansas
9 Kent State def. 8 UNLV
12 Villanova def. 5 Clemson
13 Siena def. 4 Vanderbilt
11 Kansas State def. 6 USC
3 Wisconsin def. 14 Cal State Fullerton
7 Gonzaga def. 10 Davidson
2 Georgetown def. 15 UMBC

Second Round
16 Portland State def. 9 Kent State
12 Villanova def. 13 Siena
11 Kansas State def. 3 Wisconsin
2 Georgetown def. 7 Gonzaga

Round of 16
12 Villanova def. 16 Portland State
11 Kansas State def. 2 Georgetown

Regional Final
12 Villanova def. 11 Kansas State

First Round
1 Memphis def. 16 Texas-Arlington
8 Mississippi State def. 9 Oregon
5 Michigan State def. 12 Temple
4 Pittsburgh def. 13 Oral Roberts
6 Marquette def. 11 Kentucky
3 Stanford def. 14 Cornell
7 Miami (Fla.) def. 10 St. Mary's
2 Texas def. 15 Austin Peay

Second Round
1 Memphis def. 8 Mississippi State
4 Pittsburgh def. 5 Michigan State
6 Marquette def. 3 Stanford
7 Miami (Fla.) def. 2 Texas

Round of 16
1 Memphis def. 4 Pittsburgh
7 Miami (Fla.) def. 6 Marquette

Regional Final
1 Memphis def. 7 Miami (Fla.)

First Round
1 UCLA def. 16 Mississippi Valley State
9 Texas A&M def. 8 BYU
12 Western Kentucky def. 5 Drake
13 San Diego def. 4 Connecticut
6 Purdue def. 11 Baylor
3 Xavier def. 14 Georgia
7 West Virginia def. 10 Arizona
2 Duke def. 15 Belmont

Second Round
9 Texas A&M def. 1 UCLA
12 Western Kentucky def. 13 San Diego
6 Purdue def. 3 Xavier
7 West Virginia def. 2 Duke

Round of 16
12 Western Kentucky def. 9 Texas A&M
7 West Virginia def. 6 Purdue

Regional Final
7 West Virginia def. 12 Western Kentucky

12 Villanova def. 6 Oklahoma
7 West Virginia def. 1 Memphis

CHAMPIONSHIP: 12 Villanova def. 7 West Virginia



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