By DJ Gallo
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The NFL's scouting combine wraps up Tuesday, and one of the cornerstones of the annual event is the 50-question Wonderlic test. Heavy on logic and math questions, the exam supposedly gives teams a reading on each prospect's intelligence.

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How did you score?

Although the questions on the test are kept secret, I was able to snag a copy of the final page of this year's test -- questions 41 to 50 -- and I'm going to share them with you.

I just hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws by doing so.

2006 NFL Scouting Combine Wonderlic Test -- Page 5

41. A player signs a five-year, $25 million contract. What is his average annual salary?

Correct answer: Tough to say, as the player probably would hold out for a bigger deal by the fourth year, if not sooner.

42. You treat your linemen to a steak dinner that costs $3,500 and receive exceptional service from the waitstaff. How much should you tip if you want to give 20 percent?

Correct answer: Tip? I'm a professional football player, so I don't tip. The restaurant should feel honored that I'm even there. In fact, they'll be lucky if I even pay the bill.

43. A train carrying the New England Patriots departs Boston at 5:30 p.m. traveling 150 mph to New York City, 215 miles away. Meanwhile, a plane carrying the Jets leaves New York at 6:00 p.m. traveling to Boston at 400 mph. At what time will the Patriots feel disrespected because they had to travel on a train?

Correct answer: Trick question. The Patriots always feel disrespected.

44. Assume the first two statements are true. Is the final one also true?

The football player graduated from college.
All college graduates can read.
The football player can read.

Correct answer: (c) not certain (because first statement is true and second statement is false)

Naufahu Tahi
Michael Conroy/AP Photo
At the NFL Combine, prospects are tested on and off the field. (Michael Conroy/AP Photo)

45. When Brett Favre throws an interception into quadruple coverage, it is generally thought to be excusable because ____.

Answer choices: (a) he is a "gunslinger"; (b) he isn't surrounded by top-notch talent, so therefore his only alternative is to play down to their level; (c) he is nice to the media; (d) he is Brett Favre; (e) all of the above; (f) I have no idea.

46. An Arizona Cardinals player intercepts a pass 4 yards into the end zone and runs it back for a touchdown. How long is the return?

Answer choices: (a) 104 yards; (b) 100 yards; (c) 96 yards; (d) this particular scenario would never occur with an Arizona Cardinals player.

47. A player is convicted of a minor crime and sentenced to 24 hours of community service. How many minutes of service does this equal?

Correct answer: 1,440 minutes. Or, if the player agrees to sign some autographs for his corrections officer in exchange for an early release, approximately 15 minutes.)

48. Chiefs return man Dante Hall catches a punt at his own 10-yard line and runs 74 yards. Where does he end up?

Correct answer: Hypothetically, at the opponent's 16-yard line. But it's Hall, so there is no way to know because most of those yards probably came from him running side to side and around and around in circles for no apparent reason. Who knows -- he probably netted negative yards. And he maybe even got tackled in his own end zone for a safety.)

49. The sound of the whining coming from a single Seattle Seahawks fan equals 100 decibels. What is the combined decibel level of 100 whining Seahawks fans?

Correct answer: There are not 100 Seahawks fans.

50. A future draft bust says "what."

(No correct response, but the answer can be very revealing.)


Headlines …

Bode Miller glad he doesn't measure success by success

U.S. team to invent more sports in hopes of increasing 2010 medals haul

Bronze-winning U.S. curling squad getting tons of hot curling groupie action

World Baseball Classic organizers excited to be generating almost as much buzz as the Olympics

Three Things I Thought I Thought While Joining Bode on a Pub Crawl …

1. It's always a bit sad when the Olympics end because you don't know whether you'll see some of the athletes ever again. Take Apolo Anton Ohno, for example. Will he be back in 2010? And if so, will he still be bravely sporting a soul patch eight years after the fad died? I think it's a record worth going for. As for Bode Miller, I seriously doubt he'll compete in the Olympics again. At some point, he'll figure out that it's a lot easier to get drunk and not win medals if you don't have to show up to "compete" in events every few days.

2. This weekend, we saw what might be the most remarkable occurrence in NBA history. On Friday night, in Orlando's 102-89 victory over Seattle, not only did Grant Hill play 31 minutes for the Magic, but Darko Milicic played 22. Then Sunday night against Houston, Hill logged 36 minutes and Milicic 19. Just let that sink in for a moment. Grant Hill … and Darko Milicic … both playing significant minutes … in the same game. But don't think about it too long lest your head explode like Fernando Vargas' did Saturday night.

3. Congratulations to J.J. Redick on becoming the ACC's all-time leading scorer. Unfortunately, I fear his accomplishment might have elicited a new round of horrible poetry. Something along the lines of:

Roses are red, violets are blue
J.J. now leads the ACC, too

Yet people hate me because I'm the best
A little bit like a white Kanye West

I love writing poetry for all to hear
If I were a skater, I'd be Johnny Weir

This is the year that Duke wins it all
Unless, of course, I again come up small

If I'm to win, it must be in college
'Cause as a true Dookie I've got no NBA knowledge

Hey, I warned you it was a terrible poem. Don't shoot the messenger.

DJ Gallo is a regular contributor to ESPN The Magazine, as well as the founder and sole writer of the award-winning sports satire site He also contributes headlines to "The Onion."