Page 2's favorite highlights   

Updated: February 27, 2008, 6:45 PM ET

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We continue with Page 2's favorite highlight competition.

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10. Jim Marshall's wrong-way run

On Oct. 25, 1964, the Vikings' Marshall recovered a fumble and ran 66 yards in the wrong direction to score a safety for the 49ers. This might be even better than the original footage.

9. Bo Jackson cannot be stopped

We always knew Jackson was a man among boys. Here's the proof.

8. Garden party

What's the best thing about hockey? Being so close to the action. Especially when a player -- the Bruins' Mike Milbury, later GM of the Islanders -- takes your shoe and starts beating you with it in this 1979 fight.

7. Ooooh … unlucky

This goalkeeper made a nice save initially. But check out where the ball went when he threw it back into play.

6. Fowl ball

Randy Johnson's fastball met a bird in flight at spring training in 2001. The fastball won.

5. Dunk tank

What would a favorite highlight list be without a classic missed dunk? The honor goes to former Kansas forward Julian Wright.

4. The duck is cooked

Wildwing of the Anaheim Ducks fulfills our mascot requirement. Hope that outfit is flame-retardant.

3. Anthem mishap

This is … this is … just unfortunate.

2. Vault? More like a pummel horse

Painful … very, very painful.

1. "The Baseball Boogie"

Here's our personal favorite. OK, maybe it's not really a highlight, but we couldn't resist. (WARNING: You might not want to watch this if you're a Dodgers fan.)



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