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David BeckhamLandon Donovan
David Beckham
Landon Donovan
Who is he? International superstar, forward for Real Madrid, star of England's national team, husband of Posh Spice.
Who is he? 21-year-old star forward for San Jose Earthquakes and U.S. national team.

Ruud van NistelrooyMike Modano
Mike Modano
Who is he? This Dutchman is arguably the best player in the world on the most popular team in the world (no, Yankees fans, that's Manchester United).
Who is he? Pretty boy hockey player for the Dallas Stars. Wait, is that an oxymoron?

Jose TheodoreJoe Sakic
Jose Theodore
Joe Sakic
Who is he? Goalie, Montreal Canadiens, biggest French-Canadian heartthrob since Pierre Trudeau.
Who is he? Hockey player, Colorado Avalanche. In other words, look closely and you can see the scars.