Nothing better than Super Bowl in Chicago   

Updated: February 8, 2007, 10:57 AM ET

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CHICAGO -- There's nothing like being in your hometown when your hometown team is in the Super Bowl. Even if you were living in New Orleans in 1985, and had the opportunity to be at the game when the Bears won their first Super Bowl.

But this was different. Not bigger, different. A week I'll never forget, but one I never want to do again. "Bears lose, Bears lose" is not a good thing to hear even when you are surrounded by a city dipped in orange and blue for life.

Which means, "If I had been in Miami covering SB XLI … "

I would have missed a bear trainer on local television in a Peyton Manning jersey get attacked by his 900-pound grizzly bear.

I'da missed cab driver Mamadou Sow, from Ghana, explain to me 10 more reasons I missed in my column on why the Bears were going to win the Super Bowl.

I'da missed Vlasta the Polka Lady on the Channel 7 morning show singing the Bears' theme song while doing the polka with anchor Hosea Sanders.

I would have missed the wardrobe malfunction of the lions in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. The jumbo helmets made for them to wear during Super Bowl week were actually too small -- making the XXXXXXXXXXL-sized helmets look like the caps Adebisi used to wear on "Oz."

I would have missed driving down Lake Shore Drive and being able to look at "Big Stan" (the AON Center) lit up with "Go Bears" covering all 83 floors.

I'da missed being able to purchase bootleg non-NFL licensed Bears sweatshirts with the names of the players spelled wrong on the back.

I would have missed my sister Julie introducing us to her new friend … who came to meet her wearing Colts gear.

I would have missed Rex Grossman on the Wednesday cover of the Chicago RedEye as a superhero(?).

I would have missed learning that "Medvede," "Xiong Dui," and "Dubim," means "Bears" in Russian, Chinese and Hebrew respectively. And that "Vivan los Osos" means "long live the Bears" in Spanish.

I would have missed Crazy Howard McGee and Leon Rogers "ackafool" every morning all week long on WGCI, missed Herb Kent "bear down" on the duties Super Bowl Sunday morning, missed Chet Coppock and former Bear Steve McMichael on ESPN 1000 turn "Push It To The Limit" from "Scarface" into a new theme song for the Bears, missed the pride in the great Jonathan Hood's voice as he provided "must-listen" radio up until kickoff.

I'da missed hearing an early "leaked" version of Kanye and Common's "Super Bowl Hustle" song where Com dropped the sic line, "I'm tellin' you like Jennifer Hudson."

I would have missed how almost all of the schools around the city had "Bears Day" on Friday where kids got to wear their Bears gear to school. I would have missed the Bears displays in Foot Locker windows. I would have missed not being able to get into the Sports Authority on LaSalle on Thursday because it was "too crowded" with people gearing up for the game.

I would have missed the brats and Boone's Farm Country Kwencher my boy JB had for his Bears Super Bowl breakfast.

I would have missed the groundswell of hype and skepticism that coexisted in 7 million people who believed but "didn't really know" if the Bears could actually pull this thing off.

(I would have missed how that skepticism had all but vanished by kickoff.)

I'da missed being in a place where despite the minus-15 wind-chilled temp, it was warmer here than it was in Miami. (That may be a lie, but from a Bears standpoint, the weather was better, not warmer.)

If I'da been in Miami I would have not been able to respond "No" to all of the "R' U 'N Miami?" texts I got all week long. Then explaining to them "Y" I'm where I'm supposed to be for this Super Bowl.

I would have missed the 40s of Magnum flying off the shelves in the Foremost liquor store of those real Bears fans getting ready for the game of their lifetime.

I'da missed the excitement on my kids' faces Sunday morning when they put on their $4.99 Dollar Store-purchased Bears skullies five hours before the game.

I would have missed the energy, just the energy and the feel, of what it's like to be in a football town, in real football weather, when a team that has been doubted nationally all season long finally gets to that moment where they can tell the world to "kiss its cold concrete!"

I would have missed the reaction of everyone at my man Dre's Super Bowl Party when every CBS analyst (Boomer, Shannon, Dan and JB) picked the Colts to win the game. I would have missed the noise they made when Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff. I would have missed the silence when Dominic Rhodes scored to give Indy a 16-14 lead.

I would have missed how one person (name withheld) won the first two quarters in our Super Bowl grid, winning $900 because he had the numbers Colts 6 and Bears 4 in one square.

I'da missed the phone call from my nephew calling me from Harry Caray's restaurant telling me to get down there because former Bears Keith Van Horne, Jim McMahon and Chris Zorich were watching the game there buying drinks.

I would have missed someone at the party stealing Dan Marino's line saying, "The Bears have a drug problem. Their D is getting drug up and down the field."

I would have missed the closet Colts fan in the house say to me, "So, you gonna write The 10 Reasons the Bears Lost the Super Bowl?"

I would have missed the inside analysis of blaming Ron Turner instead of Rex Grossman on the second-and-1 play in the third quarter where Rex tripped, making it third-and-12, which ultimately was the beginning of the end for the Bears.

I would have missed the celebration in a room full of people draped in Bears gear, with Dre screaming in joy at the top of his lungs, "That's my boy! That's my boy!" when Kelvin Hayden ran back the INT for the Colts in the fourth quarter. Hayden went to Hubbard High School in Chicago. Dre is Hubbard's former defensive coordinator.

Id'a missed it when my boy's cell phone rang close to the end of the game and him saying, "Who's that texting me now? Probably someone from Indy, let's drive there and beat his ass."

I would have missed the quiet on the streets as I drove home. I would have missed watching the energy and feel of a city disappear. I would have missed the immediate reaction of a city after five turnovers and constant missed tackles.

I would have missed my son, all of 10 years old, laying in his bed, no smile on his face, very upset that the Bears lost, but still wearing his Bears cap. I would have missed his younger brother, still awake, asking me when I walked in the door, "Daddy, the Bears lost. … Why?"

If I'da been in Miami, I would have missed the hour I spent giving my son an answer.

Scoop Jackson is a columnist for Page 2 and a contributor to ESPN The Magazine. He'll also be the host of ESPN Original Entertainment's "NBA Live: Bring It Home" which debuts on Feb. 11. Sound off to Scoop and Page 2 here.



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