Bad boys, bad boys: Whatcha gonna wear?   

Updated: October 24, 2007, 2:28 PM ET

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A real fan stands by his team no matter what happens, and some buyers of replica jerseys seem to feel the same way about their favorite players.

By still wearing gems like the jerseys below, these fans are saying, "Look … I don't care how many felony convictions, drug scandals or other trouble this guy gets tangled up in. I spent good money on this jersey, and literally nothing can make me take it off." We tip our hats to these fans, in our very special "Bad Boys Edition."

Remember, we rely on your help, so keep those cameras handy because you never know when the next Sam Perkins Sonics jersey may grace your presence. If you find something truly great, make sure to e-mail it over to us at If it's good, we may just publish it here on Page 2 next week. And as always, you can get your daily fix on our random jersey blog

Fred Smoot Fred Smoot, Vikings: It's rare that you see one of these jerseys on land … usually the name is obscured by the life jacket. (Found by Jesse in South Bend, Ind.)

J.R. Rider J.R. Rider, Timberwolves: Careful walking alone late at night; you don't know what kind of dangerous people are out there. Like, say, J.R. Rider. (Found by Meg in Portland, Ore.)

Pacman Jones Adam "Pacman" Jones, Titans: If you have a Pacman Jones jersey, let us give you some advice in the language of kick returners: Take it to the house. Then leave it there. (Found by Curtis in Philadelphia)

Quincy Carter Quincy Carter, Cowboys: Teams always knew what it took to defend Quincy: the occasional blitz from the corners and a really delicious-looking bowl of chips at the line of scrimmage. (Found by Roger in New York City)

Keith Van Horn Keith Van Horn, Nets: To our knowledge, Keith Van Horn has never committed a crime. But come on, it should be illegal to make your kid wear that in public. (Found by Max in New Jersey)

Rae Carruth Rae Carruth, Panthers: We had a third picture, but the lighting was too dim in the trunk of the car it was taken in. (Found by Matt in Charlotte, N.C., and Adam in Frederick, Md.)



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