For those about to mock, we salute you   

Updated: January 3, 2008, 3:08 PM ET

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It's NFL playoff time, and that means fans need to dig deep to support their teams. Really, dig as far back into your closet as you can to pull out a forgotten gem from your favorite team that has reached the postseason. No jersey is too old or obscure to wear during a playoff game; this way no one can possibly accuse you of being a bandwagon fan. Of course, these fans are operating on that principle at all times. And for that, we salute them.

As always, remember to check our blog for daily updates at, and if you find a candid shot of a gem jersey, e-mail it to us at Who knows, next week we could be running your snapshot of a wishful-thinking fan in a Trent Dilfer Buccaneers jersey!

Jim Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh, San Diego Chargers: This photo was taken at a career fair. "My biggest strength? Definitely leading comebacks. Weakness? Probably wardrobe." (Found by Joey in Cleveland.)

Barry Foster Barry Foster, Pittsburgh Steelers: When Willie Parker got hurt, this guy looked around the bar and yelled, "This is why we never should have let Barry go!" Unfortunately, nobody was within earshot. (Found by Bobby in Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Dave Meggett Dave Meggett, New England Patriots: Meggett is now just a fond memory of a time when the Pats called running plays … (Found by Mike in Athens, Pa.)

Bernie Kosar Bernie Kosar, Dallas Cowboys: Bill Belichick once cut Kosar, but Bernie proved his critics wrong when he took a knee to end Super Bowl XVIII with the Cowboys. Sure, that was his only play in that game, but nobody could kneel like Bernie. (Found by Daniel in Cleveland.)

Gerald Riggs Gerald Riggs, Washington Redskins: Riggs didn't run much in his final season with the Skins, but he found the end zone a lot. So he was sort of the Bizarro Ladell Betts. (Found by Snyder in Rochester, N.Y.)



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