I looked in the box score to see whether Alex English outscored World B. Free: In a trend reminiscent of the '80s, point totals in the NBA are way up, with the latest example the Wizards' 147-141 win over the Lakers.

Feel free to get excited about all the playoff possibilities in the NFL, but know this going in: The level of play in the league -- in terms of team, not individual -- has never been worse.

How bad is it?: The Chargers seem to be the best we've got, and they're thriving on the basis of one fantastic player, a better-than-average defense and not much else.

After the second women's college outdoor basketball game had to be called because of the weather in Phoenix, Arizona State's Emily Westerberg said: "A basketball game has never been rained out before, so I think it's really cool to be part of that."

Here's a career renaissance nobody saw coming: Jeff Garcia.

And finally, I know it's bound to ignite a storm of controversy, but I believe Garbo's best year was '71, when she devised a four-guard motion offense that helped unheralded and undersized Stephen F. Austin to the Final Four: The following sentence in a story about Bob Knight appeared in a major metropolitan newspaper: "Like Greta Garbo, apparently, Knight just wants to be left alone to coach his team without interference."

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