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Urban Meyer must be an interesting guy. I don't know him, but he intrigues me with the way he concocts some of the most fascinating and innovative offensive plays and yet manages to come across as the kind of guy who could suck the pleasure out of winning the lottery.

Most of the time the coaches whose teams play the way Meyer's do -- with enthusiasm, like they're having fun running fun stuff -- are colorful characters. They're either goofy in a Mouse Davis kind of way or maybe spiteful in Spurrier-esque fashion.

Meyer, though, seems bland and cautious, like everybody's out to get him even after he's gotten over on everybody. He showed some exuberance there at the end of the championship game, but you know what I mean.

Now that it's over, you've got to figure he's going to celebrate, maybe even relax a little. But then again, maybe not. He just might get back to work today, running those X's and O's across the page in ways nobody has ever thought of before. Who knows? Maybe that's fun enough for him.

This Week's List

Just a question, no judgment attached: Think they could have shoehorned a few more commercials into the telecast?

Next thing you know, they'll be leaving bags of cash on the doorsteps of recruits, speed-dialing street agents and hiring hookers for campus visits: The Caltech basketball team broke its 11-year NCAA Division III losing streak (207 games) with an 81-52 win over Bard College.

There's some beautiful symmetry to this: The Chiefs backed in, the Chiefs backed out.

One of the most enduring mysteries of sport, about to play out once again before our eyes: Somebody somewhere will accept the job as head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

As with everything, it all comes back to the sweater-vest: I know it was life-and-death, with the fate of nations hanging in the balance, but I almost laughed out loud when Fox showed Jim Tressel bouncing around like a boxer as he stood in the tunnel getting ready for his run onto the field.

Upset of the week: Bill Parcells, surprisingly human after Dallas' loss to the Seahawks.

Which, if I were a betting man, would tell me one thing: He's finished with the Cowboys.

Well, at least he's not leading the league in turnovers over that stretch ... oh, wait, forget that: Allen Iverson has led the Denver Nuggets to two wins in his first eight games with the team, and yes, he's leading the league in turnovers during that time.

Stats you can use: Tom Brady, 11-1 in the playoffs.

But if you mention Bert Jones or Roger Carr around 'em, you better be ready to throw down: Colts coach Tony Dungy, addressing the issue of his team's reaction to playing in Baltimore only 23 years after Robert Irsay's Midnight Move, said, "If you talk about Willie Mays or Jim Brown, they don't even know who those guys are."

We all agree how much we hate it when our sports folks lie to us, but maybe we're not always ready for the truth: QB Rex Grossman said he didn't give all he had against the Packers in the Bears' regular-season finale.



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