By Jeff Merron
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We originally wrote this list of top 10 current athletes who have never won the big one following Phil Mickelson's win at The Masters.

But we had Pedro Martinez on the list and Karl Malone. Pedro won and now Malone's retired.

So here's the updated list of top active athletes who have never won the big one (minimum of 10 full seasons in the pros):

Barry Bonds
Bonds dominated the 2002 World Series, but the Giants lost the final two games.

1. Barry Bonds
In 19 major-league seasons without a ring, Bonds has been to the playoffs seven times with the Pirates and Giants, but reached the World Series just once, in 2002. Bonds was great -- four home runs and 13 walks -- but the Giants lost in seven games to the Angels.

2. Sammy Sosa
Now entering his 17th big-league season, Sosa's trade to the Orioles sure doesn't get him closer to a World Series title. He's reached the playoffs just twice in 13 years with the Cubs, but now must compete in a division with the Red Sox and Yankees.

3. Ken Griffey Jr.
Junior has 16 seasons with the Mariners and Reds but just two trips to the postseason, in 1995 and 1997. The Mariners reached the ALCS in '95, but lost to the Indians in six games.

4. Gary Payton
Payton signed with the Lakers last year, but you know what happened, and his chances at a ring disappeared when he was traded to the Celtics. In his 12 years with the Sonics, Seattle was a perennial title contender, but reached the NBA Finals just once in 1996, when the Sonics lost in six games to the Bulls.

Best Retired Athletes
Without a Title
These active athletes should not hold their heads in shame. Plenty of all-time greats have never won a championship, either. Check the list of greatest athletes ever to never win the big one.

5. Tim Brown
The nine-time Pro Bowler is third all time in catches and second in receiving yards after 17 seasons with the Raiders. He's seen the playoff six times and one Super Bowl, in 2003 when the Raiders got trampled 48-21 by the Buccaneers.

6. Curtis Martin
Martin has now played 10 years in the NFL (three with the Patriots, seven with the Jets) and topped 1,000 yards each season. He's moved up to fourth on the all-time rushing list with 13,366 yards. He's reached the playoffs five times, including a Super Bowl with the Patriots in 1996.

7. Reggie Miller
This looks like Miller's last chance to win a ring, as the 40-year-old sharpshooter will apparently retire after the season. In his 18th season with the Pacers, Miller has reached the playoffs 14 times, including one NBA Finals loss, to the Lakers in six games in 2000 (he's lost five times in the Eastern Conference finals).

8. Mike Piazza
The greatest-hitting catcher of all time, Piazza has 378 career home runs and .315 batting average. He's made the playoffs twice with the Dodgers and twice with the Mets, reaching the World Series in 2000, when the Mets lost to the Yankees in five games.

9. Michelle Kwan
Kwan won her incredible ninth U.S. figure skating title in January and has captured five world championships, but the big one has eluded her: she's never won an Olympic gold medal, finishing third in 2002 and second in 1998.

10. Jeremy Roenick
Roenick returned to the playoffs last season, after nearly seeing his career end earlier in the season when he got hit in the jaw with a puck. The Flyers lost in seven games to the Lightning in the conference finals, leaving Roenice with just one Stanley Cup Finals appearance, in 1992, when the Blackhawks got swept by the Penguins.

Also receiving votes:
Jerome Bettis
Frank Thomas
Edgar Martinez
Jeff Bagwell/Craig Biggio
Rafael Palmeiro
Mike Mussina
Mats Sundin
Colin Montgomerie (no majors)
Rosie Jones (24 top 10s in majors)