Belts might seem incidental, but they have their own stylistic history, just like any other uni element. Last season, for example, the Colts switched from blue belts with lots of belt loops to white belts with no loops. Over on the diamond, baseball pants routinely had a belt loop right at 12 o'clock back in the 1920s and '30s, so many players rotated their belts to position the buckle off to one side, or even out of sight altogether. The 12 o'clock loop eventually disappeared, allowing buckles to move to the center -- until they were temporarily displaced by those snap-button elastic waistbands in the 1970s and '80s. If you think that style looks dated, it's nothing compared to the days when basketball shorts had belts -- sometimes the basic wraparound style, and others just sewn onto the waistband.

As for the unbuckled Eagles, they're not unique -- Uni Watch knows of at least one other NFL player who's been known to loosen his belt from time to time. But in his case it's more a matter of practical necessity, not style.

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