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1. Boston Red Sox: Wally the Green Monster
If you're a self-proclaimed Red Sox die-hard, then you hate Wally. But everyone else seems to like him. According to the Red Sox, Wally lived in the left field wall (aka the Green Monster) and didn't decide to show his face until 1997, the 50th anniversary of the wall. If he did, in fact, live back there, he was probably forced out by the more famous rats that terrorize the operators of Fenway's manual scoreboard.

2. Miami Heat: Burnie
Burnie has been in the league for 14 years, which is more than most first-round picks can say. Let Burnie sum up his life himself: "I had a silly-string fight with Bill Cosby. I jammed on stage with Jimmy Buffet, sat on Jack Nicholson's lap, and twisted Bill Murray's ear. I even kissed Sharon Stone, danced with Madonna, caught a touchdown pass from former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, pitched to Cal Ripken Jr., and a sparring session with Sylvester Stallone at center court." Not bad for a 7-foot-6 guy without a shoe deal.

3. Philadelphia Phillies: The Phillie Phanatic
When you think of mascots, the Phanatic is one of the first to come up. Dave Raymond, the original guy in the suit, became such a mascot pioneer and legend that he founded the Mascot Hall of Fame and runs Raymond Entertainment Group, home of the mascot boot camp. Try it if you dare. It's no joke.

4. Western Kentucky University: Big Red
During all 1,062 games of his coaching career at WKU, E.A. Diddle clutched a red towel, so Hilltoppers fans eventually cheered for "Big Red." Fast forward a few more years and you have one of the professors coming up with what Big Red would look like. Think Grimace from McDonald's turned red. Hey, you have to hand it to the Hilltoppers. In an age of political correctness, no one can disapprove of Big Red, because no one really knows what it is.

5. Syracuse University: Otto
Talk about controversy, for almost 40 years Syracuse was represented by someone in a Native American warrior costume. Well, the forward-thinking folks at Syracuse pushed for change and got it. All it took was the involvement of the school's chancellor and an 18-member committee of students, faculty and staff to come up with the mascot of today: Otto. Not sure about him? Get a copy of EA's NCAA Football 07. You haven't lived until you've played with Otto in the mascot game.

Photo credits: Getty Images, AP