Canseco batted for Cone in Game 4, and it was an important at-bat in a close game. The Yankees led 3-2 with two on and two out when Jose did strike out looking, on a 2-2 pitch.

That's a detail most players wouldn't want to be fuzzy about.

* * * * *

On breaking through to the majors:

    I was very aware that baseball was closed to a young Latino like me ... Many talented young athletes were playing street baseball in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Domincan Republic, and many other Latin American countries, but the barriers to breaking into the major leagues were almost impossible for most to get around.
    -- p. 39

Here's how "closed" baseball was in 1982, the year which he is writing about: 29 Puerto Ricans and 33 Dominicans played in the majors that season. That's 62 players -- I stopped counting after that -- breaking the "impossible" barriers.

Among those 62: Jose Cruz, two-time All-Star; Sixto Lezcano, 1979 Gold Glover; Willie Hernandez, the 1984 AL MVP and Cy Young Award winner.

* * * * *

More on his rookie season:

    I was glad to get back to Oakland after the All-Star break ... I started the second half going 0-for-40 ... it was the worst slump of my life.
    -- p. 64

Canseco did have an 0-for-40 run that began on Aug. 8, 108 games into the season, but coming back from the All-Star break, he went 2-for-4 in his first game, and 7-for-37 in the first 10 games following the break.


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