By Jeff Merron, Illustrations by Kurt Snibbe
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Generation Gap Division:
1. Clemens is even better than the old Nolan Ryan!

2. The Braves' young homegrown golden boy leads a slew of young Braves that have come through all season.

3. Sandberg's HOF induction speech was a scorcher, and included a barb that was apparently aimed at former Cub Sammy Sosa.

4. The Braves' GM is making a case for the bird dogs -- and his own savvy. Look for his book in the near future.

5. Theo's first legacy, besides the 2004 WS win: moneyball for big-market teams.

6. Felix Hernandez, 19, is being compared to Dwight Gooden (the young, promising version). Fast, nasty stuff.

7. Sammy loves the camera -- but he's not throwing many kisses home to mom these days. Sandberg noticed.

8. Franco turned 47 a few weeks ago, and says he'll play to age 50. It'll happen, and he'll break the 4,000 hit mark (in pro ball) soon.

Winners and Losers Division:
1. Ozzie Guillen's South Siders running away with the AL Central.

2. What a year -- semi-confession, almost sent down to minors, now a co-favorite for Comeback Player of the Year.

3. Finally injury free; can Junior end his career with some up years?

4. Pedro & Co. give Mets first shot at playoffs since Y2K.

5. Yawn. It's all Mel's fault.

6. After a lousy start, the Reds fired manager Dave Miley -- and told Don Gullet, one of the best pitching coaches in baseball -- to also take a hike.

7. Doesn't anyone want to win the division title? At .500 (as of Thursday), the Padres lead by 5½ games.

8. 19-game losing streak only two games shy of AL mark.

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