1962: Bob Cousy dribbles out the clock
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1958: Bob Pettit scores 50 points as St. Louis wins title
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Bob Cousy
Bob Pettit
Bob Cousy, the best dribbler alive not named Marques Haynes, gave the Celtics that luxury by one-handedly being undefendable. Game 7, 110-107, the Lakers needed the ball back in OT to have a chance to win. Cooz refused. The Garden got louder and louder with each dribble. Running out the clock never looked so beautiful.
– Scoop Jackson
Yes, there was an NBA before Magic, Bird and Michael. And, yes, maybe Bob Pettit wouldn't have scored 50 if Bill Russell hadn't torn ankle ligaments in Game 3. And, yes, maybe you should find out a little bit about Mr. Pettit. His 50-point effort still ranks as the fifth-best Finals scoring performance it came in the title clincher.
– David Schoenfield