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Originally Published: November 9, 2009
By Thomas Neumann | Page 2

Eli Manning and Philip RiversAP Photo/Julie JacobsonPhilip Rivers and Eli Manning will be forever linked by virtue of the 2004 Chargers-Giants trade.

Random notes and observations from Sunday's Chargers-Giants game:

• Game weather: 71 degrees, 39 percent humidity, wind from the southwest at 2 mph. This game was played in New Jersey on Nov. 8.

• Yankees skipper Joe Girardi was saluted via giant video screen before the game, and the graphic identified him as "general manager." At least it didn't say "Overmanager of the Year."

• It's poor form to get ejected from the stadium before kickoff. You're better off not buying a ticket and watching the game on TV at your tailgate party. There, we just saved you upward of $200 on tickets … and the beer is cheaper!

• Is there such a thing as a bad day when an Irish Tenor belts out the national anthem?

• Lawrence Taylor was not among the members of the 1990 Giants championship team who attended Sunday's game for an honorary appearance. Apparently he had other plans.

• The Chargers no longer have even the threat of a running game, yet somehow managed to escape the Meadowlands victoriously.

• Just for kicks, click here.

• Giants Stadium was a frenzied cacophony of cheers when Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas picked off a Philip Rivers pass and returned it to the San Diego 4-yard line with 3:14 left in the game. But after Vincent Jackson caught an 18-yard touchdown pass from Rivers with 21 seconds left, you could hear Tom Coughlin's jaw drop.

• Rivers' celebratory high-stepping after that play was undeniably, refreshingly dorky. But who could blame him for being so enthusiastic after his tumultuous tenure with the Giants?

• Immediately following the game, at least one Giants fan bellowed, "Can we even beat Washington?!" to anyone who would listen.

• Rivers is 2-0 in matchups against Eli Manning, but let's not forget who has the lucrative cookie endorsement.

• Is Lawrence Tynes a Scottish tenor?

• Some Giants fans were almost inconsolable afterward. Sure, the Yankees won the World Series … but that was last week.

Thomas Neumann is an editor for Page 2.