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Our critics review Week 15.

'72 Dolphins or '05 Colts?   14-0 beats 13-1 at my poker table   In terms of lore? Dolphins   Colts 20, Dolphins 10   Mercury Morris, baby!!!
Do you think differently about the Colts now?   Oddly, I do   Hardly; it's tough to win two in a row, let alone 13   A little; maybe their schedule has been too soft?   No, always thought they were beatable
After the game, Schottenheimer said...   "Men, you played like men. I'm proud of you, men."   "This is cool, but a Super Bowl is worth more in terms of loot and memories."   "Why can't you guys make me look this smart every week?"   "We did this without L.T.? Damn, maybe we ain't that bad."
After the game, Dungy said...   "Phew -- I was just spared two weeks of national talk- radio second-guessing."   "This is disappointing, but a Super Bowl is worth more in terms of loot and memories."   "Next week, we go back to our regular playbook."   "S--- happens."
After his game, Parcells said...   "No [expletive] comment."   "Maybe Joe Gibbs really does have something on me."   "Our lack of offense was bound to catch up with us."   "Homicide is overrated."
Other than Colts-Chargers, most interesting result   Houston wins! Say what?   Redskins puttin' it on the Cowboys   Redskins suddenly in playoff race   Bears 16, Falcons 3
MVP of the week:   Has to be Tiki   Drew Brees   Steelers D   Tiki Barber
Best play of the week:   Michael Turner's 83-yard sprint at Indy   Marshall Faulk's stop-and-go run toward the end of the game (proof he can still do it)   Tiki Barber's 41-yard TD, breaking about 29 tackles   Turner's run
Worst play of the week:   Alex Smith's punt ... er, fair-catch interception at Jax   Alex Smith's floater with six minutes left   Anything in the air from the Falcons   Kyle Orton's entire first half
Julius Jones or Marion Barber?   Jones -- just for the ND pedigree   Julius Jones is the truth   Both are solid backup RBs   JJ, but...
Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams?   Ronnie -- fresh, young legs   Despite eccentricities and a love for the chronic leaf, Ricky is among the league's best players   Give Brown 20+ carries a game and you have 1,500 yards   RB, but...
Chris Simms or Vince Young?   Sorry, Phil -- it's got to be Vince   Simms in the NFC South and Young in the Big 12   Young -- 2009 Pro Bowler   Vince ... no buts about him
Describe the fan march against Matt Millen in 5 words or less:   Genius; America founded by dissent   Maybe fans aren't so dumb   Just reward for worst GM   "You better lose yourself"
What were the Texans thinking?   They weren't   Two more weeks left. Two more weeks left.   Wait, how did we score 30 points on 253 yards?   We don't need anymore Bushes in Texas
Would you give Jim Haslett a five-year extension?   How can I say this ... God, no.   Maybe a one-year extension with all kinds of incentives.   As equipment manager? Sure.   No
Running back you'd most want for 2006:   (All together now) "Reg-gie, Reg-gie..."   You're kidding, right? Bush in '06   I'll still take L.T. -- for now   Edge James
Where's Jimmy Johnson in '06?   On his boat ... he's not stupid   I don't particularly care   Shopping exotic locales for the best hair-care products around   Still sitting next to Howie
Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcells?   That said ... Jimmy   Parcells   Parcells   Neither -- Lovie Smith, son
Three AFC QBs for the Pro Bowl?   Sorry, Tommy; it's Peyton, Jake and Carson   Plummer, P. Manning, Palmer   Peyton, Palmer, Brady   Plummer, Palmer, Peyton
Three NFC QBs for the Pro Bowl?   Hasselbeck and ... uh ... Hasselbeck and ... uh ...(holding nose) Delhomme and Brunell?   Hasselbeck, Bledsoe, E. Manning   Can the NFC borrow Plummer, Brees and Roethlisberger?   Delhomme, Vick ... and nobody else
Player you just want to give some props to:   Niners K Joe Nedney, the only flicker of offense in an entire franchise   Jimmy Smith. For being a good player, being his own man, and a survivor.   Tom Brady; nobody ever seems to talk about him   Willie Parker