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Trick or treat?

Well, that depends on what side of the field you were on this week.

The Pats, courtesy of Tedy Bruschi, turned a few tricks into one big fat treat. While Mr. Favre handed out some treats (five in fact) and was still tricked in the end by some dude from William Ligue Jr. University.

Still, it's nothing to get too upset about. As bad as it can get, Halloween is only one bad night -- well, unless you're the Vikings.

¿Quien es mas macho? Steve McNair or Tedy Bruschi:   Believe the hype, Bruschi   Dead heat; go with Montalban.   Tedy Bru   Aron Ralston > all
If ___, you might be on the Vikings:   You introduce yourself as "innocent until proven guilty"   You got a rock trick-or-treating   My name was Al or Alma   You feel seasick, and haven't been sailing in weeks
License plate of the truck that ran over the Skins:   MARA4EVA   53-4-MARA   NYGNFCEKING   IBRK4TKI
Three words for Brett Favre:   Was. Good. Run.   Don't mean nothin'   When it rains ...   Everything ends badly
Over .500 team that no one cares about:   Chicago   Chicago Bears   Da Bears   Tampa Bay
Under .500 team that everyone cares about:   Minnesota   Green Bay Packers   Patriots or Raiders   Minnesota
Coach who should be surfing   Still Dom Capers   Dennis Green   Mike Tice   The Three Mikes (Tice, Sherman, Martz).
In January, Dallas will be:   The second best team in Texas (after the Longhorns)   Hosting a playoff party   Playing the Giants or Eagles in the NFC Championship   Watching Dirk Nowitzki
At this rate, by Dec. 1, Donovan McNabb will be:   In mental and physical therapy   Booed like Santa Claus   Considering retirement or shutting it down for three weeks   More cortisone than man
Right now, Romeo Crennel is:   Exactly where he should be   E-mailing Belichick: "Can I come back?"   Wishing he were white so he would have been offered the ND job, too   Still employed, so how bad can it be?
If I had to start a team, I'd pick __ Manning:   Peyton   Archie   Eli   College, Archie; Pro, Peyton
React to this statement: Jake Plummer, MVP candidate at midseason:   Likely as Jose Canseco: de facto commissioner of baseball   Must be the mustache   I ain't mad at all   Whoa
Team that could really use a bye week:   Saints   New Orleans   Titans and Saints   Arizona. Make that a bye decade.
Team that would be hurt by a bye week:   Giants   New York Giants   Broncos   New York Giants
The real Bucs are:   Still in training camp   Wearing fake-nose-and-glasses today.   Simply waiting for the playoffs to jump off   Really boring
It's more exciting to be a ___ than an Eagles RB:   Member of the Jackson family   NFC North fan   Backup RB in San Diego   Michael Jackson at a retirement home
New LT or old LT?   Old LT, old school   Old LT -- like Classic Coke   The original. No disrespect, but ...   New LT for fantasy; old LT for football
Team turning it around:   Seattle   Raiders? Maybe?   Seahawks   Carolina
Teams with the wheels falling off:   Rams   Cards, Pack, Saints, Vikes.   The Browns   Kansas City
In 5 years, Chris Simms will be:   Still richer than me   Phil's executive assistant   Backing up Vince Young or starting for Parcells   Selling life insurance alongside Alex Smith
Ricky Williams would rather be:   Nowhere. Right where he is   Playing ball. I believe!   High   Playing for the Amsterdam Admirals
Person masquerading as an NFL player for Halloween:   Vinny Testaverde   Chris Simms   Trent Dilfer   Darius Miles as Plaxico Burress
Scariest thing I've seen in 2005:   Big Ben's knee bend   A Houston-Cleveland game.   The NFC North   Kurt Warner juke himself into an untouched injury
Now, my AFC pick is:   Colts   Denver   Them Steelers   Colts
Now, my NFC pick is:   Falcons, in an upset   New York Giants   Those Giants   Panthers
Now, my Super Bowl pick is:   Colts   Giants. For Mr. Mara.   It ain't Carolina no more   Colts