By Rachel Nichols
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EDITOR'S NOTE: On occasion, we all need help. But where to turn? Fortunately, Rachel Nichols is here to bring us the special kind of advice that only the world's greatest athletes can dole out. Whether to take it or not ... well, that's up to you. Today's Ill-Advised expert: Rip Hamilton, Detroit Pistons guard.

RACHEL: So this is an advice column. And you're an NBA champion. Does that mean you give championship advice?

RIP: Oh yeah. I know my stuff.

RACHEL: So what's the best advice anyone ever gave you?

RIP: My dad -- he always told me, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something, no matter what it is. If you can put your mind and your soul into it, do it.

Rip Hamilton
Rip Hamilton dishes out advice, and helps the kids shop, too.

RACHEL: What were people saying you couldn't do?

RIP: They said I'd never make it out of Coatesville, where I'm from. They said I was too small; I was too skinny.

RACHEL: Yeah, well, I think we've all been tempted to stick a sandwich in your pocket from time to time.

RIP: See, but I'm just like that. And still I beat all the odds.

RACHEL: You and Calista Flockhart -- very inspiring. All right, let's get down to it. Jimmy Conover writes, "I'm very superstitious when it comes to my Eagles, and I think it's bad luck to let girls watch the game with me. But I just met a new girl. So should I let her in and hope my Birds can handle it for me, or keep the ball rolling and shut her out on Sundays?"

RIP: Shut her out. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

RACHEL: Just like that? Cold, man. Cold.

RIP: Hey, you got to keep doing what you do. You just say, nothing personal, it is what it is. And if she gives you a hard time, lie. Tell her you have to be down with your mom on Sundays or something.

RACHEL: So basically you're using your mom. Also cold.

RIP: Just say "Moms," and that's all you have to say. A girl can't mess with that.

RACHEL: Magic word. Although our next problem is from the flip side of the girl-boy thing. Krissy Lee from Austin writes, "Help! I'm a girl who loves sports, but none of my girlfriends know what I'm talking about. So I end up talking to guys about last weekend's games -- which makes my boyfriend jealous. What do I do?"

RIP: Don't talk to guys. Talk to your boyfriend about sports. Don't talk to a bunch of other guys.

RACHEL: Oh come on. You can't tell me someone like you gets jealous when you see your girl with other guys.

RIP: Doesn't matter, you just can't do that. Talk to your female friends. Talk to your brother, boyfriend. Find a cousin or something.

Rip Hamilton
Chicks dig the mask, and the headband.

RACHEL: .Apparently it's sports radio call-in for you, Krissy. Either that, or dump the boyfriend. Maybe Krissy could date our next advice-seeker, Chris S. from Spokane, Wash. Chris writes, "I'm 25, attractive, confident, drive a luxury car, play lacrosse, work out, but I have problems 'smooth talking' the ladies and getting numbers. Any advice?"

All right, I have to step in here. Have you considered that using the phrase "smooth-talking the ladies" could be your first problem?

RIP: Hey, keep doing what you do, eventually someone will appreciate it.

RACHEL: Maybe if she's been recently paroled. I say, stop referring to your luxury car or trying to talk yourself up too much. Just be yourself. And if that doesn't work, a mail-order bride is always an option.

RIP: See, now that's cold.

RACHEL: Maybe. Let's move on to a question from one of the young people. Derek in Boca Raton, Fla., writes, "I play on the basketball team, and we suck. We actually lost by 39 points the other day, which I didn't think was possible. What are some things I can do to keep motivated when I know we have absolutely no talent?"

RIP: Play in a mask.

RACHEL: I don't think that's part of the uniform. What's the worst team you've ever been on?

RIP: Oh I know you know the answer to that. You were there.

RACHEL: I used to work in Washington when you were playing for the Wizards. Could that possibly be what you're talking about?

RIP: Washington, by far. First, second, third-worst.

RACHEL: What was it like to go out there when the team was really bad?

RIP: Sickening. Sick-en-ing. It's sad, when you get on the court, and guys don't believe they can win. It's tough. What I used to do was go back and watch my college tapes, back from when I was winning, so I could remind myself that I could still be on a team that won games.

That creep, Quintana
You meet some strange people at the bowling alley ... especially during league play.

RACHEL: All right, Derek, there's your answer. Dust off the tape of you winning that nursery school dunk competition, and get some confidence back.

Now a dating question from Mike from Philadelphia, Pa. He wants to know, "What's the best place to take a girl who is over 21 if I am under 21, since I can't get into bars?"

RIP: Take her to Jamaica.

RACHEL: For a first date? Should we take the jet or the yacht, Puffy?

RIP: Oh, for a first date. Take her bowling.

RACHEL: You're a bowler?

RIP: Yeah, I'm nice. I bowl 200. Okay, maybe 150. There's a lot of things you can do at a bowling alley.

RACHEL: True. Just ask Allen Iverson. OK, the last question we always ask here is, "What's your best advice for the people out there?"

RIP: Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do something.

RACHEL: That's your dad's advice.

RIP: Not anymore. I stole it.

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