But, with their streak of seven consecutive AL East titles on the line, the Yankees turned to a guy who makes less money than A-Rod's hair stylist. And he proceeds to go 9 and 0.

You know how many pitchers in the long and sordid history of baseball have won at least nine games without a loss? Antonio Alfonseca can count them on one hand:

Tom Zachary, 1929 Yankees (figures) -- 12-0
Dennis Lamp, 1985 Blue Jays -- 11-0
Howie Krist, 1941 Cardinals -- 10-0
Joe Pate, 1926 A's -- 9-0
Ken Holtzman, 1967 Cubs -- 9-0
Frank DiPino, 1989 Cardinals -- 9-0

And now Aaron Freaking Small. The Yankees are thinking of possibly bumping him from the rotation with Mike Mussina returning. Are they insane? This guy is their good-luck charm. He's Charlie Faust, Wonderboy and the Rally Monkey all wrapped up into one. They should just stand him next to the on-deck circle and rub his head as they come up to bat. They can't lose with him.

It's all enough to make you pull out an old trombone and toss it out a window.

Aaron Small, nine and zero.

What a game.


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