By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

In honor of the long holiday weekend, we're changing the usual "Hot" vs. "Not" breakdown, in favor of a more appropriate "Thanks" or "No Thanks." As in: Thanks for retro NBA shooting shirts, Serena's U.S. Open outfit and Sharpie-induced hilarity. Or "No Thanks" to, among other things: the Notre Dame green-jersey debacle, Olympic skating judges and MLB All-Star Game tie scores.

What an appropriate moment to note that it's always fashionable to take a minute to give thanks, notably for the fact the sports world provides a revolving door of fads and bandwagons, to fans' neverending distraction. Check out the list below, then impress your extended family at the dinner table, during game-watching or while lazing out thanks to turkey-supplied tryptophans:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Thanks No Thanks
Thanksgiving tradition Lions/Cowboys on TV Sibling fighting
Must-have retro football jersey Brady Pats red No. 12 Manning Saints (hunh?) No. 8
Backup QB savior
A.J. Feeley

Steve Beuerlein
Heisman front-runner
Larry Johnson

Willis McGahee
Boxing excitement Re-focused Mike Tyson More Tonya Harding
Big team in Big Ten

Ohio State
Picking a new baseball GM Youthful enthusiasm "Seniority"
NFL MVP bandwagon
Michael Vick

Brett Favre
Rivalry game Notre Dame-USC Florida-Florida State
Must-see TV "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle" "The Osbournes"
College-hoops tourney team

"Duh!" NFL overtime call Take the ball (duh!) Duh, I think I'll take the wind
Bucs-Pack rivalry Heated trash-talking Ill-advised hits
Serena's endorsements Smile-showcasing toothpaste Anything with Hamburglar
One-name big man

NBA rookie sensation Juan Dixon Nik Tskitishvili
Most dominant golfer
Annika Sorenstam

Tiger Woods
Blazers blotter Ruben Patterson Stoudamire/Wallace
Olympic hoops Larry Brown acting like it's his honor Shaq/Kobe acting like they're doing us a favor
Depth on Hanukkah-present bench "SportsNight" DVD Socks
Future coach Avery Johnson Mark Jackson
Holiday-weekend flick
"Eight Crazy Nights"


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