So that's the plan starting this week. I'll be back with columns on Wednesday, Thursday (bonus this week) and Friday.

Some other quick things I wanted to mention:

• Denver reader Todd Ruff sums it up best: "After Friday night's Game 6, did Dirk officially become the Peyton Manning of the NBA?"

No question about it. Calling out Jason Terry at the end of regulation in Game 6, followed by the 0-for-5 in overtime ... I mean, the only thing we were missing was Dirk's stomping back to the bench with his chinstrap dangling from his face. What a jerk. And did anyone have less business calling out teammates than Nowitzki, who stunk offensively for a solid month and couldn't guard anyone? Who do you think was responsible for Shawn Marion's 38-16 performance in Game 6?

• Seattle reader Brendan Lloyd asks, "How about a vengeance scale update for Nash's performance against the Mavs? You can throw in Jerome James against the Kings too. Who knew that it only took throwing him out with his clothes in a plastic bag plus a contract year plus the national spotlight plus playing against a team with no big men for him to 'dominate'. And, has the term 'dominate' ever been used so loosely before?"

Excellent question. I think Nash's destruction of the Mavs was a solid 8.3 on the Vengeance Scale – during those last three games, he played the point guard position as well as it's ever been played from an offensive standpoint. I'm downgrading his grade only because he wasn't bitter enough after the series. Even one caustic comment like, "I can understand why they let me go – any time you can let an All-Star point guard leave and spend his money on Erick Dampier, you have to make that move" would have pushed that grade into the nines. As for James, he was like a 2.2 – the Kings were terrible.

• Reader Rafe Bartholomew asks, "Don't you think Nash and the Suns' beating Dirk and the Mavs the same week as the new 'Star Wars' was released is incredible timing? It's hard not to see Nowitzki as a Vader in the making. He was already starting to snap at his teammates and if he had the Sith ability to crush throats with the Dark side of the Force, I think Jason Terry would have died with 5.7 left on the clock of Game 6. The way Nash played in the last few games of this series is basically the equivalent of chopping Dirk's legs off and leaving him in a flaming pile of lava. Now, Dirk's dark master – Cuban – will fit him with a pair of mechanical legs and teach him to hate the Good Guy Canadian who did this to him."

(Ummmmmm ... if you say so.)

• Rented "Ocean's Twelve" over the weekend. The first one was good-natured, well-done eye candy and ended up being surprisingly rewatchable on cable. The second one was incoherent, unfunny, self-referential, boring, ridiculous – in fact, if I had to write a blurb for it on a movie poster, it would look like this:

"A train wreck that's almost unfathomably terrible!"
–Bill Simmons,

• Lindsay Lohan on SNL this Saturday ... holy mackerel. She now looks like a lollipop. This is an American tragedy – I even let out the audible gasp when I saw her walking out for the monologue. Speaking of SNL, they re-ran a 1976 classic at 3 a.m. hosted by Steve Martin, where he came out and gave one of the funniest monologues ever (the one where he plays the banjo and happily sings "Oh, murder, and death, and grief, and sorrow ... ), followed by the "Jeopardy 1999" skit that ranks among the 15-20 best ever (including the question, "Comedian whose career fizzled after leaving SNL" with the answer being "Chevy Chase," only Chase was in the skit and hadn't left the show yet). Thank God for TiVo.



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