You won't believe what Simmons saw

Updated: August 5, 2009, 6:03 PM ET
By Bill Simmons | Page 2

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Sports Collectors Convention Gallery

Again, the collectors show isn't a great place to meet women. Or see women. Or remember what women look like.

Sports Collectors Convention Gallery

I'm going out on a limb and saying this guy is the world's premier Roberto Clemente collector.

Sports Collectors Convention Gallery

One of the single coolest and most random items of the show: a 1968-69 Minnesota Pipers schedule with Connie Hawkins on it. Sadly, we saw it after someone had stepped in. I thought Bernard was going to clothesline the guy and run away with it. A great piece. Love it.

Sports Collectors Convention Gallery

Yup, the Michael Jackson memorabilia was out in full force!

Sports Collectors Convention Gallery

I wanted to buy the tip of his nose but couldn't find it. (Waiting.) What, too soon? Come on!

Sports Collectors Convention Gallery

That's one of Jackson's actual leather suits from the '80s. It was going for about $200 million. I wouldn't know whether to wear it or do one of those "CSI"-like DNA tests on it to see if we could trace any DNA back to the two Coreys. (Waiting.) What, too soon? Come on!!!! It's been six weeks!


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