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Quick follow-up on yesterday's Link of the Day from a true-life member of the Sports Guy Entourage, Joe House. He wrote ...

"While the $45 million certainly warrants this story's LOD status, the most startling fact to me came at the end:

'The judge also dropped the cases against Ferguson and another DiCaprio acquaintance, Kevin Connolly. Police investigated Wilson's complaint that he had been assaulted by Healy, but no charges were filed.'

You mean Kevin Connolly, the f------ actor who plays 'E' on 'Entourage' runs with DiCaprio!?! That's a WATFO of historic proportions. No wonder he's utterly unbelievable as a posse-member."

So there you go. Apparently Connolly's days as a hood didn't begin and end as the redheaded kid that took on Rocky Jr. (assuming you haven't surpressed all memories of "Rocky V"). Me, I wish I knew who this Connolly guy was. These are the types of things you miss out on when you go to bribe the cable guy and only have four bucks in your wallet.

Onto the links ... -- Notwithstanding the great writing, you'll love the comedy here, and I'm not talking about the "Some Like It Hot" review. This picture gives Jon Lovitz' reaction to Marla Hooch a run for its money. It must have been snapped right as he watched the Kathy Bates hot tub scene in "About Schmidt." You'll never see that expression again.

Yahoo! News (10/5) -- Unless, of course, you're in the room when Red Auerbach spies this photo.

The Edmonton Sun (9/15) -- Like Cynthia Nixon, it looks like Simmons' No. 81 Pats jersey can finally come out of the closet ...

The Edmonton Sun (9/23) -- And then go back in. Sorry about that. Acie Earl needed some company, anyway.

LINK OF THE DAY (3/4/2002) -- Remember back in '02 when Reggie Miller said Kobe has "other issues he has to deal with" off the court? Seems like there's a lot more to that now, doesn't it? In that vein, every Tuesday we'll be going with the Classic Link of the Day. For this, aim higher than game stories; shoot for old columns and features that stick out. For every week we don't get any, we'll alternate between WNBA box scores and footage from A.C. Green's wedding night. Nobody wants that.

Palm Beach Post (10/1) -- I'm betting you're not gonna find "I'm not the one buying the love" and "I knew he was a weirdo" in the big book of sports clichés (That wasn't a cliché: this book actually exists (with sound). Some great summer reading for the Duke basketball team, no doubt.)

Albany Times Union (10/1) -- Jennifer from "The Apprentice" was fired from her real job on Thursday for making comments about "two old, Jewish fat ladies" on Wednesday's show. I'm sure she'll move on to bigger, better things ... like coaching the Memphis Tigers.

eBay -- True story: Last summer Jose Canseco was offering a deal where you could hang out with him in Miami for a day for $2,500. Figuring we'd be sick of him by 2 p.m., my friend Ben and I wrote a letter offering $1,250 for half a day. When I saw this auction, it really made me wonder why we never heard back. Maybe I'll find out in his book.

(If you've got time, head to and vote in the poll: "What are you feelings on the release of Jose's new book?" I guarantee the webmaster had to spend an hour talking him out of listing "Excited" or "Really Excited" as the choices.)

CNN (9/30) -- "Gangs of New York" has a whole new meaning. I realize Jesse Spano is involved, but I seriously doubt Leo's posse could do $45 million worth of damage if you gave them a bulldozer, a flamethrower, a howitzer and a two week head start. Seriously, a $45 MILLION dollar beating? Roy Jones can't even get that kind of money.

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