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Page 2 -- The most alarmist "Real World" story imaginable. What are these people so shocked about? Have they ever seen the show before? Compared to the Vegas cast, this group is like an episode of "7th Heaven." (registration required) -- Glowing review of "Entourage," focusing on scene-stealing Jeremy Piven as cut-throat agent Ari Gold. I'm not saying that the article overanalyzes the thematic undertones of the show or anything, but by the end of it I was half-convinced that Ari Gold is the most complexly crafted character of the modern age. (Nolen G.) -- Tongue-in-cheek take on who should really be faulted in the Russell Crowe phone fiasco, culminating with the line, "For a man with a rough streak, 'whatever' means war." (video with sound) -- I honestly try to avoid taking cheap shots at people who are being genuinely emotional (which therefore excludes the obligatory Tom Cruise digs), since that seems rather hater-ish. So my first instinct was to ignore this video of Brett Boone crying after being designated for assignment by the Mariners, but then I realized something: THE MAN HAS FROSTED TIPS! He made the rules -- I'm just playing ball. -- Props to the "Surreal Life" for taking the "Real World: Las Vegas" concept -- embrace the worst in people and never look back -- and running with it. It sounds like they've outdone themselves this season, evidenced by Jose Canseco amazingly flying under the radar. And the thought of Balki becoming a washed-up Hollywood pervert? So sad. No matter what he's become though, I'll always remember Balki Bartokomous from Mypos as the na´ve and fun-loving sheepherder who once took our hearts by storm. -- Things I learned from this unbelievable interview of Celtics Kendrick Perkins, Al Jefferson, and newly drafted Gerald Green:

-- Celebrity means that "you're going to get more cousins." As The Intern, I know all about this.

-- Jefferson's first year was like a bad prison experience -- he doesn't like to talk about it.

-- Justin Reed is the greatest defender in the history of the League.

-- As the right-hand man to Danny Ainge, it was Perkins who actually drafted Green.

-- The NBA is a lot like "AstroWorld."


My quick take on the newest "Real World":

(Disclaimer -- I'm actually not a reality television guy; I've never even gotten into "Survivor." With that said, you can take me out of the "Real World" age bracket, but you can't take my undying allegiance to the "Real World" out of me ... or something like that which makes sense)

• Most likeable cast member -- Nehemia, by a landslide. The way he dealt with Fight Night should be made into an instructional video on how to handle volatile situations.

• Most annoying subplot -- the Danny and Melinda relationship. Two attractive people dig each other, hook up, and within seconds are talking ad nauseam about their "deep emotional connection." This happens nearly every season. However, what I can't decide is if these people are naturally overdramatic, or if the cameras induce them to subconsciously act like they're taking part in a play. Probably a little of both.



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