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Quick correction to my Tupac rant yesterday:

Referring to him as the "first rapper to bring widespread social awareness to the scene" was maybe the most ignorant thing I've ever written -- seriously, I have no idea what was running through my head when I typed that. Anyways, I've already text-messaged an apology to Chuck D. He was really cool about it. (Jon B., London; registration required) -- Here's the requisite Corey Feldman update. I'll lead you in with this beauty from the article:

"I never would have gotten married if it wasn't for stalkers" -- Feld-daddy (John W.) -- He may be the type of guy that would pull someone's arms around himself while screaming "DON'T HOLD ME BACK! AHHH!!!," but give Mark Cuban his due -- he's one smart guy that knows how to put things in perspective. (Matt G. from W Hartford, CT) -- I think it's about that time to bring back Terrible Terry Tate: Office Linebacker. My favorite part comes in the "Athlete of the Century" video, which starts off with, "Like many children, Terry was born." Brilliant. -- Unbelievable article on the man-hug. I use the word "unbelievable" because what starts off as a light-hearted analysis of the man-hug somehow evolves into a serious scientific discussion of the matter, including two professors who have apparently dedicated extensive parts of their careers to an in-depth study of male hugging patterns. I keep imagining the moment both guys meet at some conference -- two Egon clones in lab coats silently sizing each other up, then awkwardly going in for the ultimate man-hug. (Ryan McGee from Boston) -- In a "can't miss" move, Roadhouse II is finally in the works. Also, speaking of sequels ... (registration required) -- Tagline: "Keyser Soze rides home; detective cleans up spilled coffee."

Finally ... -- Kelly Kapowski gets hitched. I can only hope that some crazed fan stormed the ceremony screaming, "NO! NOOO!! This is all wrong! The wedding takes place in VEGAS, not CALIFORNIA! ... (finally looking at the groom) ... .What? Who the HELL are you?!!!"

A recent email I received:

"You have to explain your belief that Tupac was better than Biggie just so everyone in their right mind can write a counter smashing every one of your arguments ... " -- Michael J.

Well I'll bite. First, it's not a knock on Biggie -- I've recently come to the conclusion that "Ready to Die" is quite simply the most remarkable rap album ever made. Biggie's probably the greatest rap lyricist to ever live, but he's still not the greatest rapper. The same way there may have been a better technical fighter than Muhammad Ali (then again, maybe not -- I'm no Bert Sugar when it comes to boxing), but there will never be a greater boxer.

Tupac was larger than life. He was the first rapper to bring a widespread social awareness to the scene, and his unmatched charisma illuminated everything he did. He could write the most viciously scathing track of all-time ("Hit 'em Up" -- this is closed from debate), and just as easily put out a tender and highly personal ode to his mother ("Dear Mama"). He was a self-proclaimed thug who immersed himself in poetry. I challenge anyone to find someone of more intriguing dichotomy.



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