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Page 2 (Leonard D.) -- has been running a month-long March-Madness style "Tournament of Video Games," and the ultimate winner is ... NHL '94. I still say ExciteBike got shafted.

IMDB (James C.) -- Five facts you probably didn't know about Dolph Lundgren:

1. Has an IQ of 160
2. Attended MIT on a Fulbright Scholarship
3. Is a third-degree black belt
4. Was once engaged to Grace Jones
5. Cries every time he watches Apollo die

Only one of those isn't true.

eBay (Douglas R.) -- If you've got 20 grand to unload and would like to be killed off by zombies in a Stephen King novel, this link is for you. Oh, and congratulations, you're insane.

USA Today -- Larry Csonka saved by helicopter after being abandoned at sea. What's that? Yes, of course the rescue unit was led by Nitro. Don't be an idiot.

Miami Herald (registration required) -- This whole "Shaq as a police officer" subplot just keeps getting better. They should even bring back the "Police Academy" series for him. It's like having Hightower with Mahoney's charisma.

Tonight -- Pierce Brosnan demands to see some nipple. If it's all right with you, I'd just as well not elaborate any further.

Here's hoping you caught the NBA Players Hurricane Relief Game last night ( Besides showing NBA players in a light completely at odds with certain unfair perceptions that have lingered since the Palace incident, the fundraiser demonstrated the power of organizer Kenny Smith. Not only is what he accomplished phenomenal -- putting together an exhibition of twenty-nine NBA stars in less than 30 hours, raising millions for Katrina relief, and mandating invaluable face-to-face interaction between the players themselves and Katrina victims -- but he refrained from having even the slightest air of self-importance. There was no holier-than-thou monologue; just genuine empathy and guarded anger. The entire event reflected his lead.

(As for the game itself -- the level of play was understandably down but still entertaining, Kobe actually seemed likeable again, Craig Sager ditched the pimp-suits for one night, and Charles Barkley taught us that Tracy McGrady has bird-legs. It was a pretty cool hour.) -- Bob Ryan on Hubie Brown. Upon meeting, don't you picture both of them circling and silently sizing the other up? Probably not, but in a perfect world, that's how all great basketball minds would first address each other. (Andy in Indianapolis) -- Although it never actually sold, T.O.'s NFC Championship ring was auctioned on ebay (for Katrina relief). Even when charitable, the man's controversial. (Anthony N.) -- A fantasy fashion league. Yup, you actually draft famous designers and scoring is based on ... whatever, who cares? The point is, this exists, and we should all be aware that the end is near. -- Richard Hatch, the initial "Survivor" winner, is about to go down big-time for tax evasion. For one, he allegedly neglected to report the million dollar check he received for winning the contest. I would love to know what his thought process was for this -- "Millions of people just witnessed me win this money and I'm forever known as a ruthless sneak. No way the IRS is onto me."



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